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Comment: A sensible move (Score 4, Interesting) 70 70

You can't have it both way. We're (Americans) are constantly told that we shouldn't push our laws on other countries. That's correct, we should not. We should follow the laws of the land that we're operating in. This can result in following laws that would be looked down on, or even illegal, in our own country. Yahoo! tried to follow the laws of the land it was operating in and got burned for its efforts, and now it's pulling out.

You can't have it both way ways. Either you push your laws on another country or you follow the other country's laws. You can't pick and choose. The only other alternative is to leave. Yahoo! makes far more money in the US than in China, so it can't keep drawing bad publicity. They left. A sensible move.

Comment: Team? (Score 1) 474 474

"team is now being used by thousands of gamers running a Linux OS"

Really? Slashdot has a history of doing a lackluster job of editing, but come on. "Team"?

On topic: I'm looking forward to gaming on Linux. I don't care if it's a byproduct of Valve's development of their own console. In much the same way that I looked forward to having a motherboard with no IDE connectors, I can't wait to ditch Windows. The only reason that I keep it around is for gaming. No more wasted space having to format a large part of my drive in NTFS and the other in EXT4.

Bravo, Valve. Bravo!

Comment: Academic (Score 1) 690 690

Your post touches on the academics of the subject, but not the real-world nature of it.

The concept of prejudice has all but been eradicated in the real-world. Fact: whites are more likely to be a victim of a black person than a white person. Prejudice would lead me to be more wary of blacks, but that would be labeled racist in today's politically-correct climate. Fact: overall, men are much stronger than women. Prejudice would lead me to ask a man for help instead of a woman, but that would be labeled sexist.

So yeah, keep telling me how something is defined in a book...

Comment: What are you smoking? (Score 5, Insightful) 690 690

So whites can't be the victims of racism? Males can't be the victims of sexism? You're seriously saying that?

You're the typical feminist. You whine about how there aren't enough woman lawyers, CEOs, and other white-collar, high paying jobs; but you're not out there picketing because they're aren't enough woman miners, crab boat fishers, and oil rig workers because those are physically hard and aren't glamorous.

What you want isn't equality, you want superiority.

Comment: How Many? (Score 1) 1160 1160

And how many times did the free speech laws work as they're supposed to? Especially when compared to how many times they were challenged?

What? If it's not 100% perfect it's horribly broken? Hate to ruin your world view, but no system that involves people is perfect.

Comment: Lazy (Score 2) 1160 1160

Did you even read up on of the stuff you posted?

You did not. All but the last one were overturned, and many of the victims were awarded money. The last link was for protesters, who weren't arrested for speaking poorly about Bush, but for breaking the laws regarding the actions that protesters can take.

Freedom of speech is still working in the USA.

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