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Comment: Re:You can't prove a negative. (Score 1) 390

by DarrenBaker (#33569328) Attached to: Defending Self In a Case of On-Line Identity Theft?

Yes, they do. They've made an accusation of criminal misconduct, and as such, they've shown their hand and now have to prove it. If they try to fire him for another bullshit reason now, a lawyer, or indeed even a government labour board representative (not sure what the American equivalent is) will find serious wrongdoing here. At the very least, he should file a complaint for wrongful dismissal.

Comment: PROOOOOOOF! (Score 1) 895

by DarrenBaker (#32955934) Attached to: New Photos Show 'Devastating' Ice Loss On Everest

Here is a photo of my house in winter, covered in snow. Here is a photo of my house in summer, surrounded by green, leafy trees. From this, we can deduce that global warming has forever changed my local environment. The snow, which we know from the first photograph has always been here, is now gone forever, as proven by the second photograph.

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