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Comment Re:A legal explanation of the judge's decision (Score 3) 354

Yes, but my understanding is Apple discussed it during the case. this opens it up regardless of the pretrial issues. And releasing the information outside the court should have no effect on the case. The jury should not be looking at press releases on these companies anyways.

Comment Re:lol (Score 2) 195

This isn't all of Germany. This is a city-state. This is more similar to the whole Amazon sales tax issue here in the USA. Jus't because your people access/buy/sale things on a site; does not mean that you have the right to control that site. I'm anti-corporation all the way, I'm just also anti-government totalitarianism too.

Comment Road Trip (Score 1) 510

I've been picturing the day when this becomes a reality. I see myself in a RV, get off work, hop in the RV, go to sleep, and wake up at the beach/mountains. When vacation is over, none of this drive all day/lose a day mess. you have a casual dinner, go to sleep, and wake up in the driveway ready to go to work.

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