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Comment Re:I haven't replaced serial ports... (Score 1) 290

That sounds like one of the old Keyspan PCI serial cards. I think I've still got one in a drawer somewhere.

I don't think they ever released an OS X driver for them, I'm not even sure they worked with Mac OS 9.

But I think AC was talking about the Keyspan USB serial adapters. I never used any other USB serial adapters, I've probably got 5-10 of them sitting around somewhere. I haven't needed one in quite a few years.

Comment Re:Bloatware?! (Score 1) 210

And I'm not sure what your point is.

That's an installer screen, with the box to install Safari checked.

Yes, it was checked by default. Were you somehow forced not to uncheck it? And it's pretty obvious, it's not in a hidden screen that you're going to quickly click through.

Checking the box by default is NOT installing Safari by default.

Comment Re:Still being made... (Score 1) 304

You're nuts.

While Apple's current keyboards kind of look like the old chicklet keyboards, they're nothing like them in feel.

They are absolutely the best feeling keyboards in history, bar none. Short keythrow, easy keypress, quiet, perfectly sized keys, so low to the desktop that you don't need any kind of wrist rest, they're just perfect. I doubt anyone, even Apple, could come up with a much better physical keyboard at this point, maybe they could make them completely silent and a bit more durable, but that's about it.

Comment Re:Its not about intelligence (Score 1) 481

I can't seem to find anything that gives any definitive answer to the edibility of a blobfish. There are suggestions that it's poisonous, but none of the sites saying that have any reference to what poison it allegedly contains. Several sites suggest it's inedible because it's gelatinous, but that's clearly no reason not to eat it, we obviously eat gelatin, so that assertion is patently ridiculous.

The best answer I've found as to why not to eat it is that we think it may be endangered.

Comment Re:OK (Score 1) 93

No, not "good work". And we're not going to fire any missiles at China.

The article essentially told us absolutely nothing useful.

I don't give a crap where the command and control for the malware is.

I need to know who the manufacturer is, what brands that manufacturer produces, and what specific products we're talking about.

And that's exactly what the rest of you need to know as well, because at least some of us need to know what scanners we need to find and toss in a bin. And we need to know what to look for on the backend systems that have apparently been affected so we can clean them and lock them down.

Lanxiang Vocational School (no idea if that's the right one, or, after looking at the map, if there are any scanner manufacturers in the area) is not someplace I've ever heard of before, and I don't see any obvious factories on that map.

Horrible FUD article.

Anything cut to length will be too short.