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Comment: Re:Sanity... (Score 2) 504

by Dare nMc (#47938713) Attached to: Apple Will No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads For Police

>defend the rights of pedophiles

small correction, should be "Defend the rights of accused pedophiles" Once proven guilty of a crime, the law (mostly) and most people then (and only then) support taking away many rights of the individual. We are different than many countries in the stage of protecting the accused from things like self incrimination... But the apple decision (and my support of the direction) is more driven from the lax oversight of subpoena's. If that process was rare, and rigorous enough, then I would support a method of pulling phone data... based on sufficient evidence. But it appears were talking over 20k requests per year for these records from just one company, that tells me this is likely being abused, and now is the time for it to be closed.

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by Dare nMc (#47904427) Attached to: Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

Pretty sure a airbag broke my finger, but saved my life (or at least quality of life) while I was seat-belted. I rolled my car at over 60 mph and hit a 6 ton bolder upside down, the bolder cut open the top of my car right above the drivers seat. The car normally had about 4" from roof clearance to my head. Something kept everything that came past the windshield and through the roof separated from my head, and it was allot. The only thing that could have done that was the airbag, or a guardian angel.

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When you give everyone guns they will find someone to shoot. And if you listen to the NRA, then you know that just isn't true. So your statement can't be true either.

I think the issue is more the "giving" part. Because the police departments were given the military weapons, when they have a 1000 people protesting, they look at the tools on hand, a pistol, a machine gun, and a assault tank. They are then given the task of breaking up the protesters, stopping and apprehending looters, and not taught how to do that. Had they not been given the military weaponry, they would have had to gone to their accounting dept, local legislators... and said we need military weapons to handle rioters. Then the question would be asked, are military weapons the correct path, or should we buy batons and shields instead? If they needed the M-16, the accountants would likely point out, we need money for training... to go with them. When someone gives the weapons to the dept, even if they do ask accounting for riot shields, their response is more likely to be, can't you use the weapons you have? The civilian equivalent would be if I want a old bard torn down, and I offer 2 teenagers a couple AR's and box's of ammo in exchange for tearing down the shed while I leave for the weekend (and don't allow them to sell the weapons), and then hand them the weapons, it is allot more likely to be real ugly when I come back on Monday. While it is true If I instead give them $5000 to do the same job, they could go buy the AR's, but are much more likely to rent the correct tools, or buy a sledge hammer.

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by Dare nMc (#47593875) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict

>deliberately targetted the school Israel just bombed.

I am not a fan of Israel, but that was the one for me as well. When you here the propaganda from the Pro-gaza/hamas reporters. They acknowledge that Hamas put a rocket launcher at the UN school when UN security was no longer present and that the students were hidden in the shadows from satellite imagery. So they were able to force Gaza parents (or they voluntarily sacrificed their children) to place their students into a school stacked up next to a rocket launcher, all for a PR blitz to show how Israel "targeted" a school. When you stack up children next to your military equipment, thinking it is a no lose situation, either your children protect the rocket launcher, or the enemy kills your children and you are happy to be able to use them for PR, it is clear Hamas has no morals. Now I realize this is Hamas doing this, not all of those in Gaza, but they are overwhelmingly OK with Hamas doing this on their behalf.

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by Dare nMc (#47449507) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

>the economy is actually more stable after we left the gold standard.

of course it is, and it had all signs of getting worse if kept on the gold standard. That fiat currency problem is so born out in human history, that most religions of any size has rules against being a lender or a borrower, or hoarder of money because banking with a fiat currency guarantees endless bust/boom cycles, with a regulated banking and flexible money supply the inevitable crash in money supply can be reduced or illuminated.

    It is odd that proponents of going to a fiat currency, thing that a gold standard is a fix to fractional reserve, but in reality it is what originally cause fractional reserve banking. IE it is a pain to carry gold, and to try and verify it's value over each transaction (people slugging gold coins, trimming edges...) The fix was banking, take your gold in and trade it for a paper IOU that is easier to trade/carry... Then the bank realizes it can loan out that gold in it's vault for money, and you have fractional reserve banking. Same is true of bitcoin, also since it is a pain for me to walk to the neighbor, hand him a USB chain, then force him to get online and verify it for a cost. So it will inevitably have offline paper IOU's as well (or rather already existed, and are coming back, see Casascius coins)

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by Dare nMc (#47429459) Attached to: Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize

Although it would be interesting to know if the Tesla was braking when it crashed, Base model Porsche 911 stopping distance from 60 is 98 feet, the base Tesla is 150 feet. I haven't seen numbers for 100 to 0 on the Tesla, but in the 911 it is reported as 250 feet so I am guessing the Tesla base model is going to be over 400 feet (M*V*V, means 100mph is 3* more energy than 60mph). So if he had slammed on the brakes from 100mph, 200 feet before the crash, the tesla would have still been doing 70 at the crash, while had he stolen a porsche 911, he would have slowed from 100 to about 40 mph in the same 200 feet. (Although Tesla does offer a performance braking package that will stop from 60 in 120 feet, only 22% further than the Stock Porsche.)
So if were going to speculate had the thief stolen the better handling, better stopping Porsche, he probably wouldn't have even crashed in the first place.

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by Dare nMc (#47372989) Attached to: Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches

Did you do this search from the EU? Appears only the EU google requests are being tampered with. I am really curious how far and fast google expands this blacklist to all references to the event in europe, or does the resident need to keep requesting... Because this was leaked as a bad. example, its doubtfull google can get away with many of these types of leaks going forward.
I am guessing plenty of proxy plugins for google europe will become popular, rendering this law mute anyway.

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by Dare nMc (#47335221) Attached to: What To Do If Police Try To Search Your Phone Without a Warrant

> Under no circumstances should you trust a cop, EVEN if you are innocent
That is only true for things worth hiring a lawyer over. As long as your confident your being hassled over a minor violation not worth a lawyers time, you might as well try the cheapest easiest time to present your case. Talk the cop out of the ticket, you don't have to try and talk the judge out of it, or get a lawyer involved. Anything under a few hundred dollars, no jail...
This does mean you have to recognize, and shut your mouth when being talked into something. Hard to recognize signs like, anytime a cops asks the same question twice... And even then, it can be very helpful to get on the record what other people did, to the officer right then. Don't answer questions at the scene of a accident... about what you did, they can't be used to help you in court. But it is very helpful if you can get a cop asking the right questions of other people. IE bashed a mugger, or saw a mugger bashed, you don't just claim the fifth and sit in the car while him and his buddies walk away, you tell the police I saw a knife in his pocket, and he ran after me... When the cop asks what you did, that's where you change the subject to what they did, and refuse to talk about that.

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by Dare nMc (#46946277) Attached to: Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House

I know what your saying is often true (except I have no idea what your talking about, when you say "taxpayers paying for educating foreigners" If that exists, it is a small edge case) But to say that my viewpoint differs, because I have worked with many H1B workers (most from India), and all of them I have worked with are really good human beings, who truly deserve the opportunity they get here, and US taxpayers paid nothing for their education. Similar to the problems in Mexico, it is a real shame that their home country has so much corruption in their governance that screws up the chance for them to do these Jobs in India. It is also very difficult for the spouses of these employees, they are often educated as well, but cannot apply for Visa's, because they have to give up the spouse visa, leave the country and apply. Even doing things like babysitting... for others is not allowed; really putting the pressure on them. Really degrading for them to not be allowed to do anything but house work. Of course the problem comes with those who would abuse these well intended rules.

Comment: Re:A bunch of nuns? (Score 1) 800

by Dare nMc (#46939105) Attached to: Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

My guess is your assumption of "few times" is the issue. I know I use my truck, as a truck practically every weekend. So cost of renting every weekend > cost of 2 vehicles > cost of 1 vehicle. And honestly none of that entered me though process, the want of a vehicle prepared for my needs (front and rear hitch, air bag suspension, air compressor, tool box, convenient gun holster...) Out weighs the consideration of cost of fuel, insurance, parking spots; even if they were less. Although the idea of preserving that vehicles life, now setup, by reducing miles used does make me keep my eye out for a deal on a chevy Volt (or similar.)

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>deploy this technology and risk the lawsuits from the first death/mishap.

Insurance can take up the banner. Google shows the car is safer, then requires proper insurance that covers them. If the statistics pan out, insurance companies will charge less, despite the risk of a bigger pay-out from a jury on a single case.

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> The real problem is that the indirect fee also applies to DSL and satellite customers,

That is interesting, it seams like Netflix needs a surcharge to customers using Comcast or other providers that make them pay up. Netflix tried shaming them by showing the worst providers, didn't work.

I think the worst problem is for possible Netflix competitors, Netflix was big enough to make agreement and pay for preferred access. A new competitor cannot compete with Netflix until they make the same agreements.

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by Dare nMc (#46824863) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

that the police officers here followed the pickup for over five minutes â" and "five minutes is a long time" - without any indication of drunken driving or even bad driving.

Basically they had reason to investigate the call, but did they have reason to investigate un-related offenses? IE the concern of drunkenness didn't pan out, but we pulled him over anyway. Then they continued to search, for a cause completely un-related to the first tip. At some point you have to draw a line.

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by Dare nMc (#46802737) Attached to: Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

2 mistakes in your post:
>extremely diluted quantities of a harmful substance
Urine is not considered a harmful substance.
> to boil off contaminants
No, distilled water is water that was boiled, then the steam is condensed to water then it is distilled water. Campers will boil water to make it microbiologically safe, but that is not distilled water, you can only distill by condensing the steam (FYI I am pretty sure RO water is also considered more pure than distilled water as well, definitely cleaner than boiled water.)

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