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Comment: Re:Language defines Culture! (Score 0) 554

by DandyRandy (#27455967) Attached to: Quebec Says 'Non' To English-Only Video Games
A language does not define a culture, people should be allowed to communicate in any manor of their choosing.>>>>>>> You are completely wrong with this on: Language and only Language is what really defines Culture. Closer to the topic - efforts of Quebec people to protect the basis of their cultural heritage is understandable. However I have my doubts if this is the right way, it might backfire on local game-stores etc. I would recommend positive measures, which support French in Quebec.

Comment: Re:An other example of GPL3 suckyness (Score 0, Troll) 342

by DandyRandy (#19907507) Attached to: Microsoft Excludes GPLv3 From Linspire Deal
>>However GPLv3 was crafted to address a very real problem, and judging from Microsoft's reaction, it is doing a great job in that regard.>> Excellent operation, Professor! Your techniques are magnificent! Professor, your intelligence... that's top level! We are so-ooo-o impressed... only, could we ask you, why did your patient die??? /in memoriam, to FOSS etc, 'saved' by GPLv3 and pinkies/commies/.

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