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+ - IEEE 802.11s mesh on embedded ARM core->

Submitted by DamnYankee
DamnYankee (18417) writes "Wireless mesh isn't just for big iron. You can also do it on embedded chips. Check this little piece of work out. These guys have shoehorned a mesh stack onto an itty bitty embedded ARM core and seem to have everything running in 256K RAM. Rumor has it that this is the TI CC3200 Wifi SoC, which sports an ARM Cortex-m4 @ 80 MHz. According to Greg Nutt, the OS is the BSD licensed open source Nuttx RTOS —"

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+ - Firmware Upgrade Puts Android in Wifi Routers->

Submitted by
DamnYankee writes "You've probably heard of firmware upgrades. There are a dozen odd projects that promise new features and capabilities for your little wifi router. Some boost the wifi power, some add VPN's, some connect more USB devices and gadgets. All of them are web based. Most are free and are supported by communities of techies and geeks who know these devices down to their inner bits and bytes.

A group of developers has created a new firmware that installs Android on wifi routers. This is the same Android made for phones and tablets. With their firmware upgrade the router thinks it is an Android tablet. The display pops up, mouse pointer and all, in any web browser and runs like a remote virtual Android tablet. (Just how did they do that...?)

Once upgraded, Android apps can be installed on the router just as on phones and tablets. The deveopment team is promising a host of apps and upgrades from the app store over the next few months. The firmware upgrade is available for routers from Asus, Linksys, and Netgear with support for more manufacturers planned.

The firmware upgrade itself is free and comes with a basic set of Android apps. Access to the add-on store is $20 per year on a subscription basis.

The team is on Kickstarter for the next two weeks seeking funding. They also have a YouTube channel."

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