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Comment: Re:Standing in the corner found effective. (Score -1) 734

Our crime rate is high because real punishment has been replaced with a time out system that only turns petty criminals into hardened criminals and ends up harming the rest of society in the name of protecting the so called civil rights of people who have absolutely no problem taking away the lives and property of the honest people out there.

If we flogged petty criminals and hanged the hardened criminals instead of sending them up the river to live with their own kind and become better criminals at the tax payer's expense we wouldn't have this problem.

Comment: Re:stopped using it? (Score 0) 857

by DamienNightbane (#40486591) Attached to: Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button

I support a couple hundred staff (small tech school), and by far the most common trouble call after deploying a new computer is "this computer doesn't have Outlook". The correct translation for this, in our case, is "Outlook isn't on my desktop, so it must not be installed".

Being that computer illiterate should be grounds for immediate termination. There are plenty of other people out there who are unemployed or underemployed who actually can use a computer without needing you to paste everything to their desktop.

Comment: Re:The ADA sucks (Score 0) 694

Life isn't fair. Get over it. You don't have the right to force others to cater to whatever lifestyle or limitation you may have just because it makes things convenient for you.

Don't like not being catered to? Tough shit. I don't like getting up at 4am so I can go to work and earn a pay cheque, but you don't see me crying to the government and demanding that businesses give things to me for free.

Comment: Re:Since when... (Score 0) 709

by DamienNightbane (#40433765) Attached to: Fires Sparked By Utah Target Shooters Prompt Evacuations

We're not in agreement because as I said before, that isn't what they meant by regulated and the amendment doesn't apply only to people in a formal militia. It's an individual right, just as the 1st Amendment is. The constitution does not allow for any infringement on your right to keep and bear arms.

Allowing them to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights in any way is as unacceptable as letting them infringe your 1st Amendment rights by creating "free speech zones".

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