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Comment: Re:Watch the Video (Score 1) 1017

by Damase (#35871378) Attached to: Is Sugar Toxic?

"Yeah. And apples. And water melons. They are real killers. Fructose-bombs they are, watch out."

He covered that. Again watch the whole video.
He quoted another source saying "When God created the poison, He packaged it with the anti-dote." He then went on to explain the importance of fiber in our diet.
He also covered the importance of exercise, not enough in my opinion, near the end of the video.
Again, instead getting upset and angry because we don't want to even hear someone insinuate the need for us to change our habits, watch the video.

Comment: Watch the Video (Score 2) 1017

by Damase (#35864634) Attached to: Is Sugar Toxic?

First - his main beef is with fructose.
Second - the chemistry of the body breaks refined sugar (sucrose) into its component parts fructose and glucose, hence his phrase "all sugar is bad for you"
Third - chemically the body treats fructose in the exact same way as ethanol (alcohol).
Fourth - If you are going to disagree with someone read their statements or watch the videos.
Fifth - Statistics don't lie, only interpreters do. Fat consumption has gone down; heart disease, diabetes and other forms of "metabolic disorders" have gone up.
Sixth - Come on people, we know the government is in bed with corporations. If those two entities are in agreement against something someone is saying it most likely is the truth.
The only reason to come against it is because we don't want to give up something in our personal lifestyle. We live in America though, we can know it's bad and not give a crap. Enjoy your Pepsi, I do. Just not as often.
Lastly, who among the doubters are going to say with honesty, and integrity that soda, donuts, cookies and such things are actually healthy for us?

Comment: Just so you know... (Score 3, Interesting) 538

by Damase (#35257100) Attached to: Musician Jailed Over Prank YouTube Video

I live here in Muskegon, Mi. These are the same people who tore down an 80 yr old retired WW2 veteran's home (basically) because they could not afford to take it by eminent domain @125% of value. It was an historic home. The home was built by the first mayor of the city and was on the city's precious historic trail. The man was a hoarder - a known mental illness- so the house was filthy on the inside. After the first hit by the wrecker the city declared the house structurally unfit and finished demolishing the home.

These people have a nickname -- Gestapo. They are extremists in their puritanical beliefs, and this musician knows this. Therefore he wasn't just being a moron, his actions went to the level of recklessly - moronic - imbecile. He should have moved to Detroit first then did this using a willing classroom out there. Does he deserve 20yrs in prison and the reputation afterwards? Does a guy who puts his hand in a running lawnmower blade deserve to keep his hand? I guess fate plays it's part in these kinds of cases. He lost.

Comment: Re:Why do the complicated expensive solution? (Score 1) 870

by Damase (#33582772) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?
We'll have to agree to disagree. IMHO -- Remembering tedious factoids and formulas isn't learning, it is memorizing. Understanding any given subject- including the sciences -means comprehending concepts, not memorizing look-ups.

"Don't let education get in the way of your learning"-- Mark Twain

Comment: Re:Why do the complicated expensive solution? (Score 3, Insightful) 870

by Damase (#33569226) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?
--If they have to consult their notes for every question (regardless of format) then they should fail the test because they don't understand the material adequately.

So, are you saying that if someone cannot remember formulas and other detail type of information then they don't understand the material?

I disagree. There are many people who grasp very sophisticated concepts and need their "notes" to remember the formulas, etc to handle the math etc.

Einstein himself failed math, and was quoted as saying "Never commit to memory what you can look up." I doubt very much he would have passed your tests.

Comment: Re:eCoupled and Amway (Score 1) 48

by Damase (#23312656) Attached to: Wireless Power Companies Merge, But No Real-Life Devices Yet
I disagree that Amway or Quixtar (Amway Online) are shady businesses. I would however agree that there are those who misuse their business model and give them a bad rap.

The part I don't like that has to do with this particular topic is that if Amway is to be the sole distributor of any future products then distribution will be limited to Amway Distributors, which limits access to those products.

If they came out with viable product, it would suck to have to go through Amway to get it. They charge too much and unless you use Quixtars' site you have to find a distributor to buy from.

And no, I am not a distributor, but I did become one when I was younger, I just never renewed. Not worth it for me. That's how I know there are plenty of honest Amway Distributors who make an honest living at it.

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson