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Comment Re: Not everyone lives alone (Score 1) 227

They already charge more for a internet connection without a cable video package. It would literally cost me $3 more to add basic cable to my account. They could try actually being transparent and charge a connection fee (like any other utility) but they are only as transparent in their billing as they are required to be by law.

Comment Re:Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

Yes, the company employing plumbers may bill $150/hr, but that's certainly not what the actual plumber is paid. You seem to be greatly confused about the difference between salary and billed hourly rate. The numbers I threw out were average salaries before taxes. The various costs that you have for doctors are overhead expenses that would be paid by the practice, not out of the doctor's salary.

Admittedly, the salary range for both of these professions is wide, but on average a general practitioner makes double what a plumbers does.

Comment Re:To Fight Car Theft (Score 5, Insightful) 258

If car theft is the issue they don't even need to collect any data. Upload a list of license plates of stolen vehicles to the units in the morning, before they roll out. Have the unit record location data ONLY when it finds a plate on that list.

They won't do this.

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1) 274

It is absolutely a valid question in response to a post that implies that all socially valuable majors will result in you easily paying off student loans.

And how the he'll did I present anything as a binary choice by asking a question. I wasn't presenting or dismissing anything, I was attempting to clarify that the previous poster truly believed that certain majors had no social value.

Comment Re:Cell site records shouldn't be allowed at all. (Score 1) 37

I'm not arguing that cell cite data could create a fairly accurate picture of overall movements, but the post I replied to claimed "precise movements to the second and to within three metres". I don't believe that is possible with nothing but cell site data.

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