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Comment G+ (Score 2) 91

I've enjoyed Google+ overall. I get a lot less noise in my feeds than on FB. FB is where I keep up with extended family. G+ is where I go to find interesting things. I've got several communities I've joined that are pretty active and lots of good stuff gets posted.

Comment iGoogle (Score 1) 150

I miss iGoogle the most from that list. There are third party options that work (specifically I use igHome), but I liked iGoogle better.

I also miss the old version of Google Voice. At least it is still functional as part of Hangouts, but I like the simplicity of the Google Voice layout more than with Hangouts.

Comment crap (Score 1) 22

We use the Venue at work for our field construction people (since they have 3G sim cards). They are complete crap. At my local division we had a 22% fail rate during the initial rollout. Of the replacements we received two of those had to go back as well. The cases that are supposed to protect these can't be used along with the stand alone keyboard. Dell also had to send a full set of replacement keyboards since half the ones we received were broken out of the box. The driver for the 3G stuff was equally problematic. We finally got everything up and working after several weeks of back and forth. Operationally they are ok; not great, but ok.

Comment not all bad (Score 1) 423

We have a system running Win98 at the office. It is not on the network. The only thing it does is controls the door system. To get the updated software supported by a more current OS would cost $5k. It just isn't worth the headache right now. I did talk them into running on a current machine and we just use a virtual Win98 environment to do the software bits. Overall it is still pointless since the machine isn't on any network. Eventually we'll upgrade the whole door lock system but until then that virtual Win98 environment will get the job done.

Comment Re:Finally someone has the guts to say it. (Score 1) 361

As long as dial-up, expensive satellite with limited data transfers, and shit DSL connections count as "competition" they won't have basis for "abuse of market power" in any investigation. Comcast specifically called out Google Fiber as proof of competition. What percentage of people in Kansas City could actually hook up to Google Fiber if they wanted to? I'm in Austin area and have no prayer of seeing Google Fiber in the next 5-7 years. So is Google Fiber really "competition" to Comcast?

Comment Re:Yea, ohter things could be good for you too (Score 1) 361

The simple answer is to allow traffic shaping but be source neutral. If you throttle streaming video services then you throttle ALL streaming video services (including your own). I have no issues with VOIP traffic having a higher priority over torrent traffic or web browsing. I have issues when Netflix gets throttled but the ISP's on demand stuff is not or some video site pays the ISP for faster than another video streaming site. It is of no benefit to the consumer and creates additional barriers to entry to the market and other competition-limiting factors.

Submission + - The Space Sim might make a comeback (

Asmodae writes: Chris Roberts, of Wing Commander fame, has a new project out to reinvent the space simulation genre. The videos on the project's home page sport some seriously impressive flight control and physics modeling for a space sim. They are eschewing publishers and using crowd funding to raise development money, but have decided to roll their own instead of using kickstarter. While this has apparently lead to a few technical issues, the project's site is fine now. Here's hoping for a great new space sim!

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