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Comment: ooo (Score 1) 265 265

Went for Kalganids, because I didn't want the currency name to refer to any existing country or currency. Of course, I would have preferred the Euro, because then I wouldn't need to worry about currency exchange and could just use whatever I already have in my wallet :D But still, Kalganid sounds fair enough. I guess it's referring to Asimov's books and not to the Chinese or Australian areas :)

Comment: From the time when USSR could see you exist :) (Score 1) 375 375

Commander Keen 1 somewhere in c:\old_d\old_c\old_f\old_d\old_g has files dated to 1990. Given an infinite amount of time (the interval for changing hard disks being a good measurement unit, BTW), this chain of old_somethings will grow infinitely long.

+ - X Prize to Announce Prize in "Tens Of Millions->

DustoneGT writes: "The X Prize Foundation is planning to announce a historic new prize next Thursday. This will be a joint announcement with a purse sponsor, "a very exciting and well-known Fortune 500 company". No specifics have been announced, but the prize is supposed to be "in the tens of millions of dollars".

What kind of a space race are they trying to kindle now?"

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