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Comment Re:Do not want (Score 3, Insightful) 150

Listen, the polls are great. I've answered to and read comments in them for years.
But they absolutely do not belong at the top of the news feed. Put them back in the sidebar where they belong.

And by the way, I think you meant:

It's always good to include an "escape valve" ANSWER.


Who comes up with these ideas to make Slashdot worse? Who in the world would think that having a poll visible for just a few hours would be more valuable than having them visible on the side regardless of the flow of articles?

I'm seriously considering giving up on Slashdot. Over the years, I've contributed quite a bit of money to Slashdot, and have gotten quite a bit of use from the site, but it's really going downhill fast and there are plenty of other sites that are now doing a better job at providing news and commentary.

Comment Re:LIbertarian principle (Score 1) 438

Whoa, you must be confusing me with someone else. I was responding directly to a misleading description of libertarianism.

Libertarians are not anarchists. They recognize the need for a government to provide some services that simply can't be provided by private entities: national defense, border security, law enforcement and judicial systems. The lines blur when you get to services that can be provided by private entities, but which may be more efficiently provided or regulated by the government: electrical, water, sewage, and, yes, internet.

I consider myself to be libertarian (lower case 'L', I favor the philosophy, not the political party), and I support the recent FCC regulations. In an industry already regulated in a manner to support local monopolies and other anti-competitive measures, these regulations are vital to protect the interests of American citizens.

Comment Re:LIbertarian principle (Score 1) 438

Libertarianism, at its core, is the desire to have liberty or freedom. The focus is on not having the government protect those stronger or weaker than others from fair competition. The types of laws that are put in place to protect the banking industry, or, in this case, the telecommunications industry, is the opposite of libertarianism.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 2) 484

I was having the same problems described here with my iPhone. I've been with Apple since smartphones became a thing, but last year I became tired enough of the iPhone bugs that I decided to switch to an Android. I went with the HTC One M8 and there definitely was a learning curve, but it's definitely more stable. No more rebooting it to make it work. It just works.

I believe there was a time when the iPhone was more stable and easier to rely on, but that time has definitely past.

Comment Re:That car behind you... (Score 1) 292

I thought I understood your point. Your point was about restricting the rights of people to work on their own cars because some portion of those people may be dangerously incompetent. My point was that the alternative to allowing people to work on their own cars, forcing them to go to "professionals, also poses the risk of having some portion of those people being dangerously incompetent.

It's my opinion that restricting liberty should be backed by very sound reasoning, if not considered only as a last resort.

Comment Re:That car behind you... (Score 1) 292

had an idiot reprogram the brake software. Sure he's 'liable' but you're now dead...

On the same front, I've always marveled that anybody can work on their own brakes...and legally drive on the roads. Sure lots of people are more than capable of doing so, but I know you wouldn't want to be in front of me if I had worked on my brakes :)

I know how to work on my own brakes, but I don't enjoy it and would rather pay someone else to do it. I can't tell you how many times a so-called 'pro' has screwed up my brakes. I would place much more trust in a car enthusiast than a minimum wage greasemonkey. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to find a mechanic you can trust.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 279

Your comment would have been much more meaningful if you had been able to attempt to express yourself without the expletives. While I mostly agree with the content of your post, it loses credibility since you couldn't get a couple of sentences out without cursing. I am sure you are an intelligent person, but the expletives counter that idea.

I could hardly disagree more. Emphasizing a point with flavorful words is not an indication of less intelligence, or that the idea is less meaningful. There are certainly times and places where such emphasis is inappropriate, but an internet forum is not such a place.