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Comment: Re:No. (Score 1) 80

by DaSwing (#35619276) Attached to: Utah Repeals Anti-Transparency Law

While "we the people" see the costs as far outweighing the benefits, we're also not the ones that have to make decisions that will inevitably be criticized left and right no matter what they are. (Also despite popular belief, no one is capable of being the perfect politician.) We all see through biased eyes.

If by "biased", you mean "pro-democratic" and "pro-freedom", then, yes.

Comment: Games with real support for multiple screens? (Score 1) 133

by DaSwing (#35389846) Attached to: Budget Triple-Screen Gaming
I have a 5-monitor setup at home, mostly for the e-penis. The only games I know which can support multiple displays is Burnout Paradise and MS Flight Sim. Burnout can use three monitors, but it doesn't do it very well. It places the HUD on the sidescreens with no option to move it. Actually Doom1 also support three monitors, but you have to use VMWare and connect three computers in a virtual network. Does anyone know of any relatively new game that has real support for multiple screens? It would be nice to for example have the map show up on one screen in FPS.

All the simple programs have been written.