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Comment: Re:Here's an idea... (Score 1) 394

by DaFallus (#47255067) Attached to: Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes
You still didn't really address the question. Reminds me of that stupid joke where a guy says to the doctor "it hurts when I do this" and the doctor responds "then stop doing that". And congratulations on finding a way to insult Americans at the same time, it certainly doesn't make you come across as a douche...

Comment: Re:They have to take what they can get. (Score 1) 593

I'd like to see figures regarding the available labor pool. Google's workforce is 17% female. What percentage of job applicants at Google were female? Google's workforce is 1% black. What percentage of applicants were black?

Precisely. These numbers are completely meaningless without data on what percentage of applicants are female, black, white, male, etc.

Comment: Less money from tickets (Score 1) 626

by DaFallus (#47050437) Attached to: Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets
Less money from tickets mean less money for toys like tanks, drones, GPS trackers, microwave based crowd dispersion devices, etc.

It also means more cops actually doing useful things like preventing/solving crimes, directing traffic around accidents and broken lights, etc. You know, actually being a benefit to society for a change.

+ - How to fix Slashdot Beta? 17

Submitted by Forbo
Forbo (3035827) writes "Since the migration to Slashdot Beta was announced, it seems all meaningful discussion has been completely disrupted with calls to boycott and protest. Rather than pull an Occupy, what can be done to focus and organize the action? What is the end goal: To revert entirely to the previous site, or to address the problems with the new site?"

+ - AltSlashdot is coming-> 3

Submitted by Okian Warrior
Okian Warrior (537106) writes "I've registered "". I intend to run a site much like Slashdot used to be — better articles, less decoration and less "in your face" functionality. I'm reviewing and getting comfortable with slashcode right now. I'm looking for volunteers to help with setup and running the site. If the site becomes profitable, I intend to hire from the pool of volunteers. If you've ever wanted to participate in a site like Slashdot, here's your chance! I'm particularly in need of people who can:
  • Set up and manage a high-traffic site (servers, load-balancers, data sites, &c)
  • Edit story submissions
  • HTML, CSS, and script creation/bugfix/repair

Contact me if interested John (at) AltSlashdot (dot) org"
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+ - Why is Slashdot ignoring the advice of so many developer articles. 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Over the years, Slashdot has recycled plenty of articles about lousy UX, lousy design, lousy graceful degradation, lousy development practices, lousy community management, even lousy JavaScript implementations creating security problems. Did Slashdot read any of those articles?"

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