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Comment: Re:nuclear ion engines (Score 1) 193

by DSP-9 (#35330492) Attached to: NASA Wants Spacecraft For Mars Return Trip
There is another alternative. The manned (or unmanned) mission should land near the poles, where theres plenty of CO2 and water ice. Split the water into hydrogen and oxygen, you get rocket fuel. I know this is easier said than done, especially creating the extremely cold temperatures required to store them, but its a start.

Comment: Lets see....... (Score 1) 307

by DSP-9 (#35329848) Attached to: How Sun Bought Apple Computer (Almost)
No iPods - (slightly) lesser digital music penetration No iPhone - No app craziness, maybe no Android (I think Google bought Android just to compete with Apple). iTunes - Record labels largely sticking to physical media Of course, none of that multi-touch hype would have happened. MacOS - Windows would have been uglier, because MS tried to go the X way by beffing up Vista's eye candy.

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