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Comment A dashboard adapter to hold a Nexus 7 (Score 1) 266

These are pics from when I was using a Huawei Mediapad:

I think it's good for making things that don't exist. Saves me from having to walk up and down Home Depot looking for just the right thing to butcher. Also, abs plastic is pretty tough stuff. It's good for a fair number of applications which require some strength.

Comment Red bracelets... (Score 2) 818

I have a riddle. How is breast cancer like racisim? Breast cancer has no easy solutions. To fix it we need lots of scientists and doctors and we need a society that values STEM fields creating those profressionals. Then we need to give these researchers a LOOOOOOOOTT!! of money. Hard right? Oh I know, let's all wear red bracelets to raise awareness! Yay now I don't have to actually do anything.

How do we solve racism? I don't know but I'm sure taking down confederate jacks won't play much of a part in it.

Comment Re:We lucked out (Score 1) 118

There's a lot of truth to that. I do have to wonder if Jack Thompson got the same ratio of trolls to intelligent counter arguements that Sarkeesian got. "White older male lawyer getting a lot of grief from gamers" just doesn't move as many clicks as "feminist getting attacked by neckboards". So it's kind of hard to say. I'm sure Thompson got his fair share of death threats, probably not rape threats so much.

Comment Maybe this is just my perspective as an outsider.. (Score 4, Insightful) 124

but why the hell would anyone use Twitter? What's your reasonable best case scenario? You could get a book deal maybe. On the other hand, you're playing Russian Roulette with everything you post. Say something the internet finds offensive at that time and they'll burn you to the ground.

Comment Here's an idea I got from a podcast (Score 1) 698

Record a conversation you're having with your friends. We tend to have a way of speaking to our kids that's very different than how we'd speak to our peers. A few recorded conversations with friends, coworkers etc would give your daughter more insight into you as a person and not just as a parent.

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