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Comment Iran (Score 2) 115

This further secures the Obama legacy as being forward thinking. By cutting ties with America's enemies who planned and executed 9/11. Obama has freed America to do deals with Iran which will now put the hurt on Saudi Arabia. About time those bastards paid for their crimes. Better to ally with Iran's secular population and conservative religious government, than remain allied with Saudi Arabia's Crazy Jihadist population and soon to be jihadist government. Just look at the Saudi foreign minister to see how messed up Saudi Arabia is becoming.

Comment Re:It would be happening in America (Score 2) 95

More like, it would happen in America if you got your shit under control with your insane billionaires and actually helped out small businesses. As much as I dislike our current gov here in Australia at least they made the awesome move to give small businesses a $20,000 tax cut this year! (available to all businesses making $2 million or less.) America is still screwing the little man in favour of the big boys and still bleeding to death for it.

Comment Time for a ban (Score 1) 496

It's time for a blanket ban on diesel vehicles. We know that brain cancer is caused by inhaling diesel fumes. We now know that these new diesel cars are not cleaner than the old diesel cars. There is no argument for why these vehicles should be kept on the roads. They are an unacceptable health risk. Forget climate change, there's enough reasons to scrap these cars before we even get into greenhouse warming.

Comment ReactOS and GNUstep (Score 1) 113

ReactOS and GNUstep are my pics, because they will change the world when they get big enough. ReactOS could disrupt the entire windows ecosystem, and GNUstep could do the same to Apple. ReactOS has just added audio and networking support (including wireless) it's not far now from being usable for day to day single user work.

Comment Cost of Action (Score 1) 339

Lots of talk about the cost of inaction how about the cost of action? It would cost $400 billion to make Australia a 0 carbon economy. Applying the same figure to the US population the cost is 5.5 trillion dollars. Spread over 10-20years it's quite achievable.

Comment Beats (Score 1) 412

Smart money is that they're doing this to push the Beats by Dr Dre brand they bought a while ago. There will be a pair of Beats headphones that work with the iPhone and all the other brands can go suck the big one. Apple has basically gone south ever since Steve died. The systems are less and less attractive, more locked down. Treacherous computing.

Comment Enough (Score 4, Insightful) 216

Enough calling these battles Luddite. No government is talking about banning mobile apps to organise businesses, or automated cars/more efficient services. What they are doing is banning an ILLEGAL business model which is trying to establish a monopoly. History has shown us time and again that the only monopolies which should exist should be government owned monopolies. The Taxi industry is one of these monopolies. Power companies, water companies, and telecommunications infrastructure companies are all entities which should be government owned/run to achieve wider economic objectives than just short term profit. America has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to get the telcos to upgrade to fibre and it hasn't worked. If the US government had said screw you, and built the fibre directly, the USA would have had FTTH to every home in the early 2000s. This fantasy that UBER is some magical company with amazing ideas that should just take over the world is retarded. We KNOW UBER is planning to sack all their drivers once the cars are automated. Their CEO has admitted this many times. It would be much better for the UK/US/AUS governments to own the automated cars and booking systems and capture the revenue from the automated car services, than allowing more wealth be siphoned out of their respective economies to a couple of billionaires in North America. UBER's business model is predatory, monopolistic and exploitative, and they're selling it under the guise of convenience/cost. These people are planning to take on the entire transport industry once they've taken out taxis. Expect them to start going for freight/road/rail services next. There is a strong humanist argument that as we phase out entire industries for automation, that the profits raised from those automation efforts be used to raise the living standards of everyone, not just a tiny minority that came up with an obvious idea. This is only going to get worse as we start to automate all service/manufacturing/primary production jobs. UBER really is the test case for how we deal with phasing out entire workforces and replacing them with no new jobs.

Comment Occulus Rift Experience (Score 1) 174

I've tried the Occulus Rift DK1, DK2, and Crystal Cove. I've also tried the Samsung GearVR. Here's my experience. DK2/Crystal/GearVR fixed the latency/movement issues. The problem is the resolution is too low. Now the Gear VR was the highest resolution headset. It is 2560x1440 so the resolution is 1280x1440 per eye. A 4K screen is 3840x2160 so 1920x2160 per eye. This resolution will be quite good, I don't think it will give you full presence however. But it will look a lot better than a 1990s DOS game. I suspect that VR will deliver presence at 7680x4320 aka 8K where each eye will have 3840x4320 pixels per eye. This is probably 2-3 years away, based on the current 4K screen technology. I'm not excited for the rift's release, but I don't think a flop would be fatal to VR. I do however think it's a bit premature to release it now. My guess is the early adopters are going to get burned, but the tech itself will be pretty good.

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