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Comment: Re:"Working hours: Get a life" at economist.com (Score 1) 545

by DMJC (#48537937) Attached to: Should IT Professionals Be Exempt From Overtime Regulations?
THIS, I recently started applying for new jobs not because I wanted to move on, but because I need to get a new bond together and by claiming overtime I can snatch some money back from my current employers. Suffice to say, I can walk into a $20,000 payrise just by showing up to an interview. Let alone having to do anything considered hard. ICT is all about having a specialty and just leveraging it. Also about being smart enough to know when you're getting screwed by your bosses and walking away. I'll be leaving a hastle full environment where I get called on weekends and out of hours to a strictly 9-5 monday to friday job where overtime has generous conditions attached.

Comment: Re:Look what those assholes did to gedit. (Score 1) 488

by DMJC (#48510625) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?
I agree with you on the File Save/export function, but not on the rest of the issues with the GIMP. They need a much better pathing tool, but other than that the GIMP is fine. I like to fullscreen the artwork window and set all the toolboxes to on top, and place them aroudn the edges. let's me control the layout better which is nice. The single window paradigm stuff people bitch about just isn't an issue 99% of the time.

Comment: Lack of tools, lack of decent UIs etc (Score 1) 488

by DMJC (#48505155) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?
I am a programmer, but only because I have been forced to become one. When I was much younger I started working on a game project with a friend with similar goals. However he would not create some of the tools I have asked for. As a result I have been pushed into writing my own 3d modelling software and my own functional equivalent to FRED2 from FreeSpace 2. This is a large reason why open source games have sucked until now. At least in space games there are no tools. If you look at FreeSpace2, it survives because some absolute hero programmers on Windows got together and made tools to edit every aspect of the game, from ship hardpoint editors, to archive extractor/viewers. The original game designers also opened the source code and released the level editor to the game. Without these tools the game would have been abandoned and dead long ago. This is a critical area where Linux/Open Source games are failing. No Tools = No Love. I expect that OpenMW is going to do ridiculously well because of the campaign editing tools they are making. Similarly GTKRadiant on the Quake engine allows anyone to edit Quake/Doom levels. Unfortunately though, they will be the few engines for the forseeable future to solve this problem.

Comment: Re:Go with FreeBSD (Score 1) 267

by DMJC (#48430561) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?
FreeBSD is great, except for all the drivers it lacks which Linux has. There is no substituting the kernel as long as FreeBSD doesn't support things that the Linux kernel does. It's unhelpful to suggest that people just change kernels. Especially when there has been no declaration that Linux itself requries systemd, or ever will require systemd. Right now this is a packaging and distribution issue.

Comment: Can someone please fork Debian already? (Score 3, Informative) 267

by DMJC (#48430153) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?
Seriously. This is getting silly. If people want to flee the main Distro's because they think that Debian is getting stupid. Can they please just fork Debian and improve on it? Apt-get works really well. I just feel that a ton of people are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The Linux kernel does not mandate systemd. There is no reason to ditch Linux. If the problem is distributions mandating systemd then it is time to start a distro that removes systemd and Gnome. Let's not kid ourselves here. Right now it's Gnome and systemd that are pushing this move on everyone. If people don't like it, they should be looking to fork a distribution and fixing the issue. Maybe brand themselves as a POSIX/SYS-V init Compliant distribution.

Comment: Re:Opposition is from a small elite (Score 4, Insightful) 550

Actually using SYSVINIT already handled this quite well. Mainly because it was NETWORK MANAGER's job. Not Init's job, to handle network connectivity. I close my laptop, it sleeps, I open it, network manager fires up my wifi and connects. This argument is already invalid because it's already been solved by network-manager.

Comment: Re:Not resigning from Debian (Score 4, Interesting) 550

I had this problem recently when I upgraded my Mac OSX installation to 10.10. It completely broke the /media/OSX mountpoint when the hfsplus filesystem was upgraded to CoreStorage and the hfsplus Linux support broke. The last thing I needed was my Debian installation to crap itself when I was just trying to boot into Linux for the first time since replacing/fixing the bootloader which OSX broke. A lot of people dual/triple booting are going to be affected by these changes. I honestly don't know if systemd is a good thing or a bad thing, but I'd have liked there be a lot more information about this change before it appeared in Debian. As was mentioned just before, I am also concerned that this change is potentially going to break cross platform compatibility with BSD/Solaris/Other Unixes. I develop software which was gtk based and it sounds as if gnome is going to require a lot of dependancies which are not available on other platforms.

Comment: Sorry GTK (Score 1) 89

by DMJC (#48397853) Attached to: GTK+ Developers Call For Help To Finish Cross-Platform OpenGL Support
Sorry GTK/GNOME, but I am done. I'm fed up with trying to use your API. I'm fed up with trying to shoehorn my systems to fit your paradigms. All I want to do is make a Linux version of a tool I had on Windows, but you won't let me focus on that. Rather you want me to make some weird touch centric/single display centric application which I have no wish or desire for. I am going to move to GNUstep. Yes the API doesn't shift quickly. But I consider this a good thing. An API that for 20 years has allowed users to choose Apple menus, windows menus, or NextStep style menus. There's a lot of freedom and choice in a platform that let's the user decide the UI paradigm they want to use, and which doesn't ram their paradigm of choice down your throat. I am also moving to an api that is inherently cross-platform from day one.

Comment: Welcome to terrorism (Score 2) 182

by DMJC (#48299717) Attached to: Australian Courts Will Be Able To See Your Browsing History
Just remember guys, if you read Linuxjournal.de the NSA considers you to be an "extremist". Because Linuxjournal is an extremist forum. So they are going to be watching the Linux community quite closely. Which makes sense considering that technology hackers are the largest threat to the established powers. Especially now with sub $1500 metal 3d printers starting to come online. As home manufacturing grows the Open Source community will only become a larger threat to bad/wasteful governments. Seriously though, we should all be angry. Angry that our money, is being used for this shit, instead of fixing real problems, building real hospitals/roads/fibre internet/healthy environment/industries/helping people. We should all be angry that this is being done and noone voted for it.

Comment: Sweet, online enforcement is going out of business (Score 1) 580

by DMJC (#48116533) Attached to: FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading
I guess with criteria like that, the FBI isn't going to have a cybercrimes division. Awesome. Seriously though, where the hell are they going to find people with IT skills who match these ridiculous criteria. The definitely won't be pulling the best and brightest of computer hackers.

Comment: Buy Pre-terminated cables (Score 1) 279

If you're lazy like me, just buy pre-terminated 30m cables and run them from a switch in the roof or basement, (or a cupboard if you're really fancy) to wall plates scattered throughout the house. You can go up to 100M in length and it saves on crimping. Anything less than Ethernet is a joke and will be flaky as hell. You could also drop a ton of money on some Xirrus wireless but really for same cost, Cat-5/6 Ethernet is much better.

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