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Comment: It limits what your debugger can do (Score 1) 174

by DLPierson (#32527588) Attached to: New LLVM Debugger Subproject Already Faster Than GDB

For simple manual stepping, etc. debugger speed is probably not that important. Have you ever tried to really use watchpoints? Given up after your program slowed to a crawl?

We had a debugger that could run many watchpoints at almost full program speed some time ago, see for details. The key point is that Parasight was fast enough to make tools like this useable.


Natural Gas "Cleaning" Extracts Valuable Waste Carbon 73

Posted by timothy
from the i'll-take-it-black dept.
Al writes "There's been a lot of focus on "clean coal" lately, but a Canadian start-up called Atlantic Hydrogen is developing a way to make natural gas more environmentally friendly. The process involves using a plasma reactor to separate hydrogen and methane in the gas. The procedure also turns carbon emissions into high-purity carbon black, a substance that is used to make inks, plastics and reinforced rubber products. Utility companies could potentially sell the carbon black, making the process more financially attractive."

Comment: Mary Lou Jepsen is doing it for him (Score 1) 283

by DLPierson (#21969156) Attached to: Negroponte vs Intel

Maybe Negroponte should just pull off the gloves and make a deal with Wal-Mart and Costco to carry
OLPC's. Use the profits to donate machines to developing nations. Or use the profits to cut schools in
this country a big discount. If Intel and MS want a war, give them a war.

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