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Comment: Re:Here's a realistic scenario you may not hate (Score 1) 369

by DJScrib (#22143564) Attached to: Open Source DRM Solutions?
Well here's the other point I think people are completely missing about a USABLE Drm system. A truly secure 100% bulletproof DRM is not going to happen. That's been proven time and time again. What is viable is something that functions and works as a viable deterrent in many of these situations. If a AVERAGE consumer, is not going to spend the time downloading a crack from a spyware infested website, or couldn't figure it out in the first place, then DRM as a deterrent has succeeded. At some point for most users its just not worth the hassle to try breaking something and will just work with it. Music DRM is pointless for another reason, the fact that perfect digital masters of the same content are already in wide circulation.

E.g. If Adobe's PDF drm had actually worked and been easy to setup it would fill this niche nicely, albeit not open source.

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