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Comment: What happened to common sense? (Score 1) 228 228

I rarely read the /. posts because of the high noise to signal ratio. It is not worth my time to sift through unintelligent rants to mine a couple of gems.

It is the content of the posts, not the sender's id that bothers me. How many of slashdot's readers have ever gone to their boss or boss's boss and said, "You need to read this thread on Slashdot."?

Darn few, if any, is my guess. I feel comfortable forwarding many of the links to information that I find in Slashdot to managers in my company. And I often do. I have never -- and under the present system, will never -- suggest that anyone read the posts. They should be called Slashdot's Wasteland.

And that is a shame. I value the experience and intelligence and wit of the slashdot gang -- but finding that beyond the home page is difficult, if not impossible.

BTW, to an new reader or to your boss that looks at Slashdot at your urgings, CmdrTaco is as anonymous as Anonymous Coward.

Perhaps the answer is two sites:
Slashdot, Sr. moderated for the Serious
Slashdot, Jr. unsupervised recess for the immature

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