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Comment: Cloud vs local - Still prefer local... (Score 1) 114

by D,Petkow (#47455095) Attached to: Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found
I was always imagining how bad would it be if an Online based password manager got it's servers and / or database breached, even if they use only hashing + salting for the user's details. Perhaps I am paranoid but using an offline solution seemed better to me, from the beginning, since before the web based password managers gained trust and popularity. The traditional offline based Keepass Password Safe can be also 'sent to the cloud' (or at least the kdbx files) via a third parity cloud provider, like Drop Box or similar, ftps cron jobs etc -Transparent local encryption -Kee Pass kdbx file locked by master pass-phrase + some file as a key -kdbx files are always up to date on every device via third parity solution - Drop Box or similar. Even if the cloud part gets compromised, the local file is still protected.

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 443

by D,Petkow (#45185657) Attached to: I wish my car could...
Once I asked a guy what he hated the most. Without even thinking about it he answered "I hate it the most when a car makes a lot of smoke when I am nearby" It was clear that he gave this some thought and this was the most disturbing thing for him, apparently. So i'd say less toxic gasses is a meaningful option.

Comment: Re:bitcoin value (Score 1) 294

I have seen ATMs that work with bitcoins, but i thought it was a very rare occasion to see one. So it is not an 'imaginary currency' after all, but a legitimate one, no? I wonder if it's too late to start mining them in 2013 - I guess on a single home computer with a mediocre radeon GPU HD 4850 it would be a waste of time and electricity. Also I read that they will run out in 20 years time. I really do not understand all this and i was hoping for a summarized response by a /. guru of some sorts.

Comment: Money Laundering - Red Flag Alert (Score 1) 301

by D,Petkow (#44694081) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Get Open Source Projects To Take Our Money?
This would definitely cause a red flag in a world where anything that seems "too good to be true must" be a scam (e.g. nigerian prince, rich descendant from the middle east, make thousands of $$$ by clicking on ads, MLM pyramids, etc). BTW any good accountant could had it done for you for a small fee, without the "active participation" of the targeted sponsored projects. Then after all was done in paper - just send them over the money "post factum": eg. you are welcome to claim your $5000 at western union/ money bookers/ etc. Also another user suggested creating a branded version of the open source - e.g. with your company's logo on it - no other changes for 5K. Sounds legit

Comment: Windoze + Cygwin? (Score 1) 278

>I am getting so desperate that I am starting to think of running Windows on my box, but that would be painful in so many other ways given my work environment >revolves around the Linux toolset." You could go full retard and install Windows + proprietary drivers and then either 1. setup a virtual Linux box or 2.use CygWin ( )

Comment: OEM Windwos 7 / 8 vs FreeDOS in Bulgaria (Score 1) 570

by D,Petkow (#42829887) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Buying a Laptop That Doesn't Have Windows 8
You can Buy the same laptop with Windows 7, Windows 8 or FreeDOS only in my country. In fact a good deal of laptops sold in Bulgaria come with FreeDOS. And i mean brand names like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. Its like they already know you will not install a licensed copy and they lower the price tag by excluding the OEM OS copy of WIndows, eventhough its cheap with regional discounts and all that. So I feel sorry for you. I don't know how this is done, but is is 100% legit and your local stores seem to be forcing the Win8 On you. I Feel bad about them and sorry for you.

Comment: It all depends on the CPU in the old PC (Score 1) 264

by D,Petkow (#42688053) Attached to: Can a New GPU Rejuvenate a 5 Year Old Gaming PC?
Yes and Now, depends on the old rig's specs, not only the video card! The older CPU _could_ become a major bottle neck, if not multi-core, HT aware. 5 years ago a high end rig could be powered by a decent dore 2 duo CPU circa 2008, or early 2009, which if pretty decent in overlcocked to nice and stable 3.5 - 4.0 GHz. On the other hand an older Single core and not HT aware CPU will be a huge bottleneck even if a modern GPU is put on, for example Barton core Athlon's. (a bit older though) Two older HDDs could also be in a RAID setup, defragmented, so no HDD bottle neck. The FSB and motherboard chipset could be a culprit. The PSU must not be underestimated, especially if the new GPU has a high TDP. Overall my opinion is that it all boils down to what you need and want. If the old rig is not tool old, a newer GPU could be a life saver, but do not expect maxed out eyefinity play on three/six displays.

Comment: I didn't know, RLY (Score 2) 442

by D,Petkow (#41719503) Attached to: Internet Providers To Begin Warning Customers Who Pirate Content
yo ISP, am I downloading warez? I am just running a TOR relay and I also participate in folding dem protein chainz, dem electric-sheep, dem distributed computing sh!ts. Oh, did i also mention I am running a public open WiFi Hot Spot and a proxy server for my friends in foreign countries, who cant access our local private warez sites, I meant linux trackers?? it wasnt me. it was the evil hacker next door, i guess. I doubt ISP's in Pridnestrovie Republic or other similar regions will comply, LULZ. Yawn.

Comment: Re:Comfort Curve 3000 (or other Anti-RSI KB) (Score 1) 341

by D,Petkow (#41310057) Attached to: I go through keyboards ...

I am not an m$ fanboi, but i used their mouse - a It's really cheap in my area, and I kinda thought i might be a replica or sth, but i think the low price is because it is not wireless, which I do not need anyway.

eh i meant to type keyboard, instead of mouse. I own an m$ mouse - Microsoft intellimouse optical mouse 3.0 (not 'bad' model for gamers - 4!) as well as a glass black Icemat classic mouse pad. (it came as a bundle and it was kinda expensive. bought in 2006), with the Comfort Curve Keyboard (old revision). I once had to 'repair' the mouse though, but I found instructions on the net on it's weak point! So saved a couple of bucks he he. In the beginning i thought i would break the glass icemat mouse-pad, but it turned out to be very robust! So yeah I run mint linux mod @ work and microsoft windows 8 preview @ home, both places with m$ gear lol

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