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Comment Re:What evidence do you have that you're being DoS (Score 1) 319

I was so guilty of that. Freaked out every time a single packet from anywhere would hit my home machine. Even had email alerts sent to my cell phone. That lasted about 48 hours when I decided I wanted to sleep. Wish I could send email back in time to myself. Eh, I probably wouldn't believe it anyways.

Comment What works for me... (Score 1) 301

As silly as it sounds, I find that I'm far more productive when I take a few minutes before I start working and make a list with paper and pen of the things I want to accomplish today. Cross them off when complete. Something about the list living in the real world versus a list in a text file keeps it more "real". Maybe it's the way my brain is wired since I grew up when computers were things you hooked up to your TV. I definitely understand the OP's situation. It's really hard to focus when you literally have the world at your fingertips.

Comment I rarely game (Score -1, Offtopic) 951

As silly as it sounds, "putty" made Windows bearable for most admin tasks as I rarely need X Windows. It's probably been 10 years since I had a true linux desktop. Now if I want to run linux on my laptop, it's done as a vm which makes driver issues much easier. And I can run Netflix on the host OSX. IMHO, the only reason to run linux on a desktop/laptop is to get some life out of old hardware.

Comment Mine would be... (Score 1) 700

The TI-994a Extended Basic manual and "Cosmos" when I was a kid.

No books really stick out from college, I'd say it was more of a cumulative effect from the individual books.

"UNIX in a Nutshell" in the early 90's - sure it's just a dump of man pages, but I think I memorized everything between the pages and it got me started in UNIX.

"Learning Perl" - perl has paid the bills and let me go home at a decent hour. Thanks Larry!

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