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Comment What difference does it make? (Score 1) 366

1. if someone is going to buy an apple tv or not they will buy an apple tv (or not) whether iFixIt does a teardown or not.

2. if someone is going to wait to buy an apple tv until they find out what iFixIt does, they will either buy one if they like what they see or they'll not buy one if they don't like what they see. Whether or not iFixit does the teardown early won't make that person change their decision one way or another - whether they decide on buying one early or not or buying one or not after it goes public.

So i don't get what they are so afraid of.

Comment Why no mention of gulf coast?? (Score 2) 59

Why have all the news stations and online articles only mention New Orleans when the entire gulf coast of Mississippi faced the storm head on and was obliterated into nothing in addition to storm surge? New Orleans simply suffered from water surge - at the fault of the city being at or below sea level. The eye of the storm hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast - not New Orleans. So while New Orleans got some storm surge and a little wind...the gulf coast got both and more than plenty of it. But no one seems to remember that part.

Comment Here's the gist of this whole article. (Score 3, Insightful) 396

If you have a family and that is more important to you than work, i.e. you want to be a husband/father/wife/mother first, you want to work to live instead of live to work, you care about your health and well-being, hate office politics (despite Bezos' claim to avoid red tap and politics, it is clear that things like Organization Level Review and Anytime Feedback Tool are clearly motivated and created simply for favorites and politics) then Amazon is not for you.

As a side note, with a wife and 4 children I am surprised he hasn't gotten divorce papers.

Most companies that value their employees understand the need for downtime, relaxation, family obligations and a flexible work schedule. It is clear that the only thing Amazon cares about is employees that are working..and whatever cost. If you are not ok with that then you are not a 'Super star' , regardless of how good you can code or solve problems.

So again if you are not into the idea of pleasing your employer above anything else - then Amazon is not for you. It is clear that the "kind of company that amazon wants to be" is a company filled with people with no other life or personal committments and void of health issues (or family members that are ill). Again, since Bezos has a rather large family - it's amazing that things like 'paid maternity leave' doesn't exist at Amazon.

And then this quote, "he(Bezos), was able to envision a new kind of workplace: fluid but tough, with employees staying only a short time and employers demanding the maximum". So it appears that you really aren't supposed to retire at amazon. Work a little while - then leave. So if retiring at a company with 401k and stock options racked up (or with any kind of pension) is what you seek - then Amazon is not for you. If Amazon is not in it for the long haul with its employees then why should the employees return any kind of favors?

Comment Re:Weak Premise (Score 1) 398

if thats the only place you are going to go then you might be missing out on a lot of talent because not everyone had the chance to go to or lived near an 'elite' university or didn't have the money to go. Talent/Motivation/Creativity does not come from college. Better Educated? If you are hiring software developers half of the courses in college have absolutely nothing to do with software development. Prepared? Prepared for what? The real world? working in a business? No one can prepare for that unless you get out there and DO IT and get good at it. Nothing in college prepares you for the real world environment if you are just going to classrooms

We need to get out of the mindset that going to college = smart, intelligent, motivated, talented..etc etc. A piece of paper from any college, elite or not doesn't mean squat.

Comment Stanford iTunesU iOS class - FOR FREE (Score 1) 133

A strong example of their downfall are the online courses offered via iTunesU. If you want to be an iOS developer, the fact that you can watch ALL the lectures and get ALL the assignments and then converse with others doing the same thing for help/tips/hints/issues for FREE is astonishing. You don't get Stanford credit but in the end you learn. That's where I got my start.

Comment Re:Zero respect for SCOTUS (Score 1) 1083

The 14th Amendment was intended to prevent states from discriminating against newly freed slaves. At that time blacks and women didn't even have the right to vote, yet no court ever thought it could use the "equal protection" clause to change state voting laws. Are we to believe that "equal protection" does not guarantee a woman's right to vote but does guarantee a woman's right to marry another woman??

Comment Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 1) 1083

NO NO NO NO. The Founding Fathers did not create the Supreme Court to assure of a living document. The Founding Fathers provided a way in the Constitution for people to amend as it as we "evolve" and "progress". If we truly have evolved then we should have no problem ratifying the constitution and going through that process. This is how we change the constitution. Leaving if up to 9 judges to decided and help us evolve was not what the Founding Fathers intended or wanted -

Comment Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 1) 1083

I am not sure if you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I am saying, yes, marriage , the forming of bonding between two people was formed and defined by people long before this country was founded - but as matter of state recognition - the states get to decide who to recognize(not the federal government). Now why do marriages need recognition by the state? Good question. I wish even the states would have gotten out of that business - in this case with something so innate, so immutable, so fundamental as a union between two people. In fact, this issue probably is only an issue because the state and federal government are mixed in with being single, married, divorced, jointly married etc for tax purposes.

Somehow, some way, the status of me being single, married or divorced has an intricate effect on me tax wise and a bunch of other things entrenched at the local, state and federal levels. But the states DID murk their way into this act of matrimony and homosexual marriage in every state in the union was a FELONY in 1868 so by then it was too late. How this came about I don't know but we can least look back that far and probably further back in the late 1700s if someone has some law books handy.

Comment Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 2) 1083

how does life, liberty or property equal marriage? not just gay marriage. Marriage for anyone?

Also, when the 14th Amendment was passed in 1868, homosexual behavior was a felony in every state in the union. So I am guessing you are going to sit there and tell me that they wrote this amendment they were going to allow same sex marriage - then throw them in prison after saying "I do" ?

Lastly, the words of the constitution do not grant unlimited flexibility. If we want to change the 14th amendment or any amendment to the Constitution then the people need to step up and work with their own states and legislatures (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) to do this. This is what the amendment process is for.

If judges can change laws to fit their "interpretation" of what the original writers meant then we no longer govern ourselves but are at the mercy of judges to tell govern for us.

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