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Comment: Re:WTF is Glassfish? (Score 5, Informative) 125

by CuriousKumar (#45375545) Attached to: Oracle Kills Commercial Support For GlassFish: Was It Inevitable?

From my experiance, Glass fish is ONLY used by people following the JEE tutorials from oracle (using netbeans too). It is not a competative-performant-scaleable JEE Application server.

You seem to have limited experience then. Glassfish is the reference implementation of Java EE standard and therefore it is used in JEE tutorials. BTW, IT IS used extensively in many enterprise application, including very demanding stuff like stock broking and trading (I have designed it for a large customer myself who serve more than million trades a day, so I can speak with some authority). This is a big news exactly for the same reason. There are many enterprise customers who paid money to get commercial support on Glassfish. Now those companies will either have to depend of the community for support or switch to other commercial options like WebLogic or WebSphere or JBoss EAP.

Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 632

by CuriousKumar (#20028679) Attached to: School District To Parents — Buy Office 2007
The problem can be even more screwing than what it appears to be right now. The difficulty with schoolteachers are that they no more have the habit of learning new stuff. And as they are not familier with OO.o they would force their students as well to use something which they are comfortable with. This problem is not new. There are many places where the prof. have penalised students and have discouraged them from using GCC or IDE's like DevCPP bacause these old aged, head in the coffin and legs in the grave profs don't find themselves comfortable with the error messages which are not generated by Visual C++ or Turbo CPP for that point. What needs to be done is that the institutions all across the globe should try and make their faculty members aware about the latest Open Source tools and validate use of Open Source tools as a standard alternative.

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