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Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 371

Seinfeld's humor is hinged on seeing not-quite-likeable people in uncomfortable situations.
John Cleese mentions taboo subjects in his interview about Fawlty Towers, though Seinfeld is less about the taboo and more about the release of stress you get from watching these painful social situations unfold.

And they don't stand the test of time, as noted below, because you've seen them and it doesn't cause the same reactions, or they're no longer relevant socially, or no longer relevant to you as a person.

If they never were relevant to someone, chances are that person never found them funny in the first place.

Comment Mobile Gaming application of concept (Score 1) 138

Since getting at game saves is not something the average user can easily do in most cases on mobile platforms, would this be a useful method for sharing save games?
Just drop a URL to the desktop and now anyone can have full hearts, the champion sword, and the unobtainium underpants.

Comment Saw this in another project previously (Score 1) 85

A few years ago I found another project that was doing this. They used a camera that shot an image on each of the RGB channels. So the image at 0 seconds was on red, 2 seconds on green, 4 on blue, or whatever their timer count was.
The user end app was a java monstrosity that I didn't want on my machine. So I made a single line script in Linux to do what it did.
It used convert to split the image into it's RGB components, saved them sequentially, then reassembled them as a three frame GIF.
Then you could see the movement of the asteroid upon a background of static stars.

I called it "rockspotter".

Comment Opportunity knocks (Score 1) 184

Throw in the grant system that Epic is putting into place, and those who want to contribute to making Blender a better game dev tool have another potential source of income.
The FBX import/export system is improving all the time, but now you can show that work to Epic and if they see it as contributing to the community they'll fund you.

Something like this could really boost the productivity of the modeling and animation tools in the open source community.

Comment Beaglebone + Arcade Button (Score 1) 327

The day I got my Beaglebone Black I connected an arcade button to it to test the GPIO with the onboard LEDs. Took only a moment to set up and when the button is pressed the LED lights up. Scripting an event to contact you when the button is pressed would be trivial, and it can also host an additional on-board cam for you, among other things.

Comment And then there's the hypocrites... (Score 1) 231

I know someone who is rabidly anti-privacy and calls anyone who disagrees with him 'deluded wingnuts' and other less savory terms.
He thinks the government should have full access to you all the time to "stop crime".

Yet he posts videos on YouTube with his face blurred out and his voice altered so he doesn't get fired from jobs.
It's okay for HIM to have privacy, but he doesn't believe anyone else should have it.

Comment Re:That was a near miss (Score 3, Interesting) 66

I actually managed to get my refund back from BFL, shocking as it seems.
When I ordered the Monarch there was no "6 months before you can request a refund policy", but they still denied me the refund at first. And then immediately flagged my forum account as moderated.
When I used info from their site to contact the AGs in Kansas and Wyoming (they claim to be a Wyoming Corporation on their site, though Wyoming says they don't exist as an entity there at all) I posted it to see what the moderator would do. Instant ban.
Still, on the day the 6 months was up I requested my refund and two days after they said it was wired I got it back.
I was fortunate. There were other fellows on the BitcoinTalk forum out as much as 60K versus my 2K.

Comment Re:that's sorta the problem (Score 1) 192

Maybe if it was explained with a less technical product they'd get it.

It's like when you go into Bulk Barn and there are broken chocolate bar bits for less than the cost of a wrapped, branded chocolate bar.
They are still yummy, but not able to be sold for full price. So they sell them at a reduced price to get some return on them.

Now I'm craving chocolate.

Comment Re: The world we live in. (Score 1, Redundant) 595

There's no doubt that they are used but the prevalence is likely as exaggerated as "stranger danger".
In the UK 75 cases of suspected dosing were investigated and only one person turned out to have a date-rape drug in their tox screen. The other cases appeared to be people drinking to excess.
This doesn't put the blame on the victim instead of a rapist. We should also be aware that the regular old issue of people getting shitfaced is still a real contributor to creating vulnerable targets for predators.

Comment This doesn't compute...or does it (Score 1) 113

The original creator comes up with the idea, usually among many ideas. Then they have to decide which one to go with. Then you have to design and implement, refine, and see what works, until you have something worth releasing.
Then you might have to put the effort into social media or advertising.
Then you might become popular.
Then someone else looks at what you created and breaks the concept down into components that are easily reproducible in a day or two, while their artist copies your art. They flood the store with them.
The only real counter to something like that is to create a game that's complicated enough that reproducing the game mechanics that make it popular takes long enough that the clones don't come out in time to bite into the profit during the critical first week/month.

Comment Re:The problem's not finding things on the interne (Score 1) 191

I bought Dark Souls on Steam during the summer sale last week. I mentioned this on Facebook. The next time I went to Kotaku to read a story it recommended a story about Dark Souls to me. Not the new sequel, but the one from years ago that I just bought. The article was from 2011. So it's not like it's a coincidence that a recent story matched up to my posted content.
Gives me the creeps.

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