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Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 2) 484

As Snowden pointed out in his interview the data they collect isn't useful for stopping terrorists. It just lets them create a historical profile of every person so that when they decide you are an enemy they can pick through your life and get the dirt on you.

It's a database of dirty deeds and associations. A machine made to discredit one's opponents.

Comment Why a single bitcoin? To hide among the flock. (Score 1) 93

A single bitcoin is likely to be a very common kind of transaction.
Remember the Ashleigh Madison blackmailers who were asking for very specific amounts, which allowed multiple transactions to multiple bitcoin addresses to be grouped together by those investigating?
It would be much harder to associate all those wallets if they were for an amount that's commonly used.

Comment Hive contamination (Score 1) 23

I don't see how they'll be able to prevent hive contamination with this method.
The worker bees are as likely to track the pesticides back into the comb when they return from foraging as when they go out to the plants.
Over time any contaminants introduced into a hive will build up in the comb wax, provided that it's a hive structure in which comb is reused. (Refer to Langstroth hives with frames mounted in supers, which are the most common types in the industry).
Even if it's initially harmless at the dosed value, the presence over time will tilt the effective dosages.
This is found in the treatment of varroa mites, which are treated with fumigants that are hung inside the super between the frames. Over time those fumigants that accumulate in the wax add on to the active dosage that should only affect the mites and not the bees, and you end up at the point where a mite treatment is killing the bees too.
I also wonder if they intend for this to be strictly for "workhorse" colonies or for those used in honey for consumption. The pesticides of note might be harmless to humans, but could still be taken poorly by consumers.

Side note: It's not uncommon for various treatments to be used on hives outside of honey production season. But this one would need to be done during the time that bees are actively collecting nectar and pollen for their business to work.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 406

Seinfeld's humor is hinged on seeing not-quite-likeable people in uncomfortable situations.
John Cleese mentions taboo subjects in his interview about Fawlty Towers, though Seinfeld is less about the taboo and more about the release of stress you get from watching these painful social situations unfold.

And they don't stand the test of time, as noted below, because you've seen them and it doesn't cause the same reactions, or they're no longer relevant socially, or no longer relevant to you as a person.

If they never were relevant to someone, chances are that person never found them funny in the first place.

Comment Saw this in another project previously (Score 1) 85

A few years ago I found another project that was doing this. They used a camera that shot an image on each of the RGB channels. So the image at 0 seconds was on red, 2 seconds on green, 4 on blue, or whatever their timer count was.
The user end app was a java monstrosity that I didn't want on my machine. So I made a single line script in Linux to do what it did.
It used convert to split the image into it's RGB components, saved them sequentially, then reassembled them as a three frame GIF.
Then you could see the movement of the asteroid upon a background of static stars.

I called it "rockspotter".

Comment Opportunity knocks (Score 1) 184

Throw in the grant system that Epic is putting into place, and those who want to contribute to making Blender a better game dev tool have another potential source of income.
The FBX import/export system is improving all the time, but now you can show that work to Epic and if they see it as contributing to the community they'll fund you.

Something like this could really boost the productivity of the modeling and animation tools in the open source community.

Comment Beaglebone + Arcade Button (Score 1) 327

The day I got my Beaglebone Black I connected an arcade button to it to test the GPIO with the onboard LEDs. Took only a moment to set up and when the button is pressed the LED lights up. Scripting an event to contact you when the button is pressed would be trivial, and it can also host an additional on-board cam for you, among other things.

Comment And then there's the hypocrites... (Score 1) 231

I know someone who is rabidly anti-privacy and calls anyone who disagrees with him 'deluded wingnuts' and other less savory terms.
He thinks the government should have full access to you all the time to "stop crime".

Yet he posts videos on YouTube with his face blurred out and his voice altered so he doesn't get fired from jobs.
It's okay for HIM to have privacy, but he doesn't believe anyone else should have it.

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