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Comment Re:He added in the comments of the linked article (Score 0, Flamebait) 64 64

....Nope. iPhone 3Gs are just as susceptible. The sooner that Apple realise that they've backed the wrong horse (as usual) and move their hardware to an OS that works, the sooner their massive losses in sales to Android phones will stop.

Comment Re:Thank God.... (Score 0) 265 265

Your statistics must be straight from Microsoft - they bear no relation to reality! Why do 90 of the top 100 websites on the planet use Linux as their OS? Why do another 6 use BSD? Why do only 4 use Windows / IIS?

Linux is tested against attack much more rigorously and extensively than Windows ever could be - just by virtue of its predominance as a web server OS. MS just can't compete in secure computing (they don't really want to).

Comment Re:Thank God.... (Score 1) 265 265


Not in the real world, there isn't. The only actual virus, trojan and malware infestations in the wild are on Windows machines. It's just another monopoly that MS have (and are welcome to!). Intelligent computer users don't use Windows.

Comment Re:STO, really, again? (Score 1) 181 181

Why can't a scalable traffic system be designed and built with smart traffic lights that actually see and react to traffic?

They can. As a former signals engineer, I can tell you that "smart" signals have existed for the last 50 years. It's just that there's often little will to spend money on intelligent control. In the USA, 95% of traffic signal controllers run in "Fixed Time" mode, where they may as well be clockwork. Here in the UK, some local authorities actually have a clue, and (within the limits of their budgets) implement "Urban Traffic Control" using a centralised traffic analysis and timing modification systems. It's interesting (and informative) to see the differences in traffic flow with UTC active and inactive!

The stupidity of the SA authorities is amazing, though not unexpected - they kicked out all the competent engineers years ago! The people that remain there are the ones who bought themselves positions of authority and created spurious "qualifications" to try to justify themselves. They are a uniformly clueless bunch.

It's funny that they didn't lock their traffic signal controllers, they installed SIMs with full facilities, and they didn't spot the problem as soon as the first or second SIM went missing!!

The thieves would have identified the controllers with SIMs by the external aerials fitted to them!

Comment Re:Microsoft Did the Report? (Score 1) 121 121

Come on, now. Microsoft surely has the resources to write the best antivirus/anti-rootkit/anti-malware solutions for their own code.

Nope. MS don't even understand the internals of their own NT kernel. There is no hope whatsoever of MS making "their" code secure - it just can't be done. Their only hope is to ditch all their products and start again - probably with a BSD or Linux core - and forget compatibility with their existing codebase.

Game over, Microsoft.

Comment Re:More downside to malware than just downtime. (Score 0) 472 472

I do think that a good A/V program is needed.

It is difficult to believe that serious corporations still use MS brokenware. The really successful, progressive corporations migrated to proper operating systems many years ago! You have to remember that Windows is only susceptible to most viruses because of two stupid decisions taken by Gates himself back in the late 80s. Those stupidities continue to dog Windows to this day, and are now so deeply entrenched that they can't ever be fixed.

Your only real option is to get rid of the proprietary Gatesware, and install something less bloated, more stable, more secure and much cheaper...

Windows: a poor proprietary client for a Unix world.

Comment Re:Let's Look At The Positives (Score 1) 39 39

...then it's time to ban Windows machines from the internet.

It IS time to appotion blame - the blame lies squarely with the stupid marketing-based decisions made by the clueless in Redmond, and their fundamental lack of understanding of the basic concept of a security model.

Simple solution: Put those Redmond morons out of business once and for all by disconnecting every Windows machine and then suing them for each machine disconnection from the web - say $50000 per machine, just for the inconvenience....

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