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Comment: Re:Autism Schmautism (Score 1) 747

by Crookdotter (#46483025) Attached to: Measles Outbreak In NYC
If one person tells you that you are irresponsible and a bad, even dangerous parent, I'd say don't listen. But when dozens, hundreds, millions tell you? Everyone who has their children vaccinated doesn't have to ACTUALLY say the words to you do they?

You are a bad parent. Your children would be better off with someone else. I don't particularly care for you or yours one way or another - people die every day. But you decided to put your own children at risk? You have failed the number one principle of parenting.

Even relying on herd immunity is unhelpful. Herd immunity is there for those who cannot have the vaccinations, for one medical reason or another.

Comment: Re:If there's a heaven I hope he goes there (Score 1) 125

by Crookdotter (#46099171) Attached to: Megatons To Megawatts Program Comes To a Close
... whose wife begged him to stop developing chemical weapons and when he refused, she shot herself in her broken heart with his revolver.

The same Haber who, next day, left for the front to oversee more weapons leaving behind his dead wife to be discovered by his 13 year old son.

What a guy.

Comment: Re:Looks great! Except, it needs a hole in its hea (Score 1) 290

And to hell with convergence? How much extra would it cost to put in an sd slot? The alternative is to carry around 2 devices in that world. With just a little extra we can have all the local storage we want. I love my nexus 4, but I really wish it had an sd slot. Poor network in areas, download limits and the like means I can only carry about a 10th of my music collection with me reliably - about 4gig ish. I'd like to carry it all, or at least a more significant proportion. A 64gb card would allow that.

It's not about cost, it's about philosophy. Cloud storage means beign tied to one service. I want my files local, audio and video. I don't want to stream what I already downloaded. That's repeat downloading - what about efficiency?

Comment: Re:Barbra Streisand Effect? (Score 1) 196

by Crookdotter (#43247083) Attached to: Google Reportedly Making a Smartwatch, Too
Wasn't there all this with the iphone though? Ooooh look, it's MASSIVE! You'll look like a dork holding that big thing next to your ear.

Personally, I like the idea of a smart watch, phone and glasses. Battery life should be a priority I imagine, and any improvements in that tech will flow out to phones pretty much immediately I'd say. I think of it as a smartphone wrapped around your wrist that will be monitoring your pulse. Anything else it can access by skin contact to determine health?

I don't know, but a monitoring system that can auto alert the paramedics upon a clear heart attack, even if you're alone - will call and give gps, and there's a prior, crude datalog of heart activity beforehand? Count me in. It might even be able to say - hey dude, I've been monitoring your heart activity over the past year, and you should go see a doctor to look at X Y Z more carefully! That's a watch that I want.

New Phishing Toolkit Uses Whitelisting To 'Bounce' Non-Victims 71

Posted by samzenpus
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chicksdaddy writes "Researchers at RSA say that a new phishing toolkit allows attackers to put a velvet rope around scam web pages – bouncing all but the intended victims. The new toolkit, dubbed 'Bouncer,' was discovered in an analysis of attacks on financial institutions in South Africa, Australia and Malaysia in recent weeks. It allows attackers to generate a unique ID for each intended victim, then embed that in a URL that is sent to the victim. Outsiders attempting to access the phishing page are redirected to a '404 page not found' error message. Other phishing kits have used IP address blacklists to block anti malware companies from viewing their malicious pages, but this is the first known use of whitelisting, RSA said. The phishing attacks that RSA technicians discovered that used the Bouncer kit were designed to harvest login credentials from financial services firms. The whitelisting feature may well work, especially given the volume of potential phishing pages that security companies review each day. Getting a 404 message may be enough to get a forensic investigator or security researcher to move on to the next phishing site, rather than investigating."

Comment: How can I remoe ads from my smart TV? (Score 1) 217

by Crookdotter (#42407301) Attached to: 'Connected' TVs Mostly Used Just Like the Unconnected Kind
I don't like paying for the thing and then it serving me ads over the internet. Can anyone detail an easy way to find where my TV is getting these ads from and block / replace them?

I've thought about a linux transparent proxy between the TV and my router, analysing the logs, then writing a script to replace the offending ad, but that just seems like too much bother, although replacing the ad with my own image has a definite appeal. Is there a decent router than can block a specific address or two to stop these ads?

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