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Comment I'm a teacher (Score 1) 956

Not at this school, obviously, but still.

Is america employing proper idiot level thickos to the eductation system or what? I get the impression that teachers are supposed to be rational, educated people. If a kid brought in a clock I'd assume it wouldn't cause a bomb scare. I'd give the kid a pat on the back and an arduino to mess with.

In the UK, we're about to give every 11 year old a 'computer'. Basically it's a bit like an arduino with 25 red LED's on it in a 5x5 matrix. EVERY child in the country will be given one for free. I'm looking forward to what they come up with, but a bomb scare won't be on that list of expectations.

What are teachers on in the US? It boggles the mind.

Comment BBC is a payed for service (Score 1) 137

I don't mind in principle, however as far as the BBC is concerned, it shouldn't be streamed abroad without payment. If I pay a license fee to have BBC content, then I don't want others receiving it for free. This would be an excellent money spinner for the BBC.

Comment Retro classic? (Score 1) 215

I really don't understand what he's saying. There is a place still for story driven, single player FPS puzzle solvers like Half Life. If nothing else, this would have made a great test show for Source 2.

With the success of HL, then HL2 and all the money that brought in and the variety of games that exploded around it, you'd think that Valve employees would be eager to start HL3 now. It's been so long since the last HL episode that a new engine would bring new life to a series.

The man needs to give a full, clear interview and / or be asked the right questions.

Comment That can't be the final (Score 3, Interesting) 516

The icons look unfinished as a set. The image linked to shows some hard drives as flat, and some as the old, 3D shaded variety. The folders have a cutout on the right hand side that seems missing from the music folder, but it's there in the downloads variety. You can't see the cutout for documents and others so it looks out of place.

But the my computer icon. Just look at that for 10 seconds. I hereby rename it to the 'Oh My God computer icon'. It's incredibly awful.

Please, no.

Comment It's already been said. (Score 1) 698

I don't have anything to add beyond what is above, however I wanted to just write that I'm sorry for their upcoming loss, and yours at not being there for longer. Make the most of now seems to be a running theme that I'd subscribe to in your position.

Again, sorry.

Comment Re:Wrong solution (Score 1) 327

I agree it's not a perfect solution, but we don't live in a perfect world. Nursing care costs money, which he clearly doesn't have available. I'd like a panic button for my home, just in case I'm home alone with my daughter (or gramdma is) and fall down the stairs. It's unlikely, but it could happen. What's wrong with a device, simple to push, for those cases when 'Daddy fell down'? With the cameras, a push button and perhaps some kind of wearable tech, I'd say the guy is trying different vectors to keep his family safe within the limitations of him having to work, his wife having periodic seizures and having to look after a child. A 2 year old is young, but they aren't completely stupid. They would help, and just need the tools to call out for it. It's not lumping them with responsibility, it's asking if they are ok to help.

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