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Comment: Re:Should me micro, not X rays (Score 1) 335

by Criton (#41414693) Attached to: TSA Spending $245 Million On "Second Generation" Body Scanners
The scanners should have never reviled naked pictures either even a mac quadra from 1992 is fast enough to identify and remove any reflection that is from flesh in real time leaving the contra ban seemingly floating in the air. That just showed how shady the companies that make these scanners are since they'd sent them out with completely unfinished software that's not even beta level.

Comment: Re:Curious. (Score 1) 252

by Criton (#41383941) Attached to: Feds Add 9 Felony Charges Against Swartz For JSTOR Hack
Modern US copyright law at best can be described as a sick joke created by greed. The 1790 copyright law of 14 years with plus the option for a 14 year renewal for a total of 28 was and still is more then sufficient. For example George Lucas still would have became a multimillionaire even if Starwars became public domain after 28 years. But sadly it was slowly extended by publishing companies and then in 1976 was outright highjacked by Hollywood.

Comment: Re:WTF is a 'Feature Phone' (Score 1) 210

by Criton (#40987147) Attached to: Nokia Spinning Featurephones as Smartphones
What's to up front cost in the US the carriers use the data plan with actually cost them next to nothing to implement on top of voice to subsidize the phone. Yes you can get a Lumia for $50,A Galaxy for $100, a Pantec for free or an Iphone for $100 but it's with a two year plan. If you buy the phone outright no plan you end up seeing the true price of the device which is usually $300 to $500 of course if you do this you should not have to buy a tiered data plan as it's cost is to subsidize the phone.

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