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+ - Student given detention for using Firefox 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Several sites are reporting that a student has been given detention for using "Firefox.exe" to do his classwork. No, really. The student was in class, working on an assignment that necessitated using a browser. The teacher instructed him to stop using Firefox and to do his classwork, to which the student responded that he was doing his classwork using a "better" browser (it is unclear whether the computer was the student's own computer or not). The clueless teacher (who called the rogue program "Firefox.exe") ordered him to detention."

+ - Adobe open sources Flex data services ->

Submitted by PhilDin
PhilDin (560601) writes "Adobe have just announced the availability of a beta version of their data services infrastructure called BlazeDS. Flex is a flash based application development framework which uses an XML based declarative language (MXML) to define a GUI and ActionScript to handle events (somewhat like XUL + Javascript). Client side support for SOAP based web services to date has been patchy and the Adobe recommended solution has been to use the rather pricey Flex Data Services. This consists of a Java EE application which allows a Flex client to instantiate remote objects via the AMF3 (PDF) protocol. Adobe are now providing most of this functionality in BlazeDS, an open source offering based on their existing code."
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The Internet

+ - Rogers ISP Web Messages Anger Google

Submitted by Jumphard
Jumphard (1079023) writes "Toronto based ISP, Rogers, potentially overstepped the boundaries [TheStar.com] of what an ISP can and cannot do. They recently tested out new "technology" that inserts Rogers messages into HTML pages served from other websites to inform users of their monthly bandwidth usage. This has changed the look and feel of Google Inc.'s webpage for Rogers subscribers, and Google hasn't taken the offense lightly. Google and other critics say it is the start of a slippery slope of ISPs botching net-neutrality and controlling the web as they see fit. Is this a simple case of a harmless new feature being taken the wrong way, or is Rogers on it's way to becoming the new People's Republic of China?"

+ - 5 reasons why Christianity sucks-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A lot of people hate muslims. But only few people know that Christianity is not any better than Islam. If not much worser...

There're few reasons why Christianity sucks:

1) Christians have killed A LOT of people because they didn't believe in their gods.

2) Christians do not have their own celebrations or traditions. ALL of their traditions and celebrations are built on top of pagans' traditions. In most cases, they just re-name pagans celebrations and assign a person from bible to it.

3) They say they're monotheist but they pray to God, St. Mary and so on.

4) They pay to people for becoming christians.

5) Christians think that their religion is the only true religion and their god is the only true god and try to ban other religions.

Buying souls, destroying anything what is not their, killing people for religion... What a hell is Christianity?"

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"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"