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Comment: Like many others, by writing a check (Score 2) 385

by Creepy (#46760809) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

How do I pay them? With a check to the IRS and sometimes the state (this year the state paid me $50 - woo).

So the real question: How do I file them? With an accountant. Why? Because I own rental property and even if you can do business taxes without an accountant, you're still better off hiring one. Why? Because you can expense it to your business (i.e. write it off), and write off your personal taxes as well, as long as you follow the IRS requirement that you are only going to an accountant because of your business. The best part is I spend 1 hour doing taxes each year, and the last year I did them myself I spent over 30 hours just looking up depreciating asset schedules (with rental property, all expenses are paid over a period of time, so a 5 year depreciating asset needs to be deducted at 1/5 the cost over 5 years - I had to find some items in the massive IRS tomes for these at my local library) and about 55 hours total (investment income was about 75% of the remaining time - played the Wall Street Lotto a bit too much that year).

Bottom line: if you own a business, hire an accountant.

Comment: Re:Gamespy was not competition (Score 1) 145

by Creepy (#46666043) Attached to: GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games

Which makes me wonder why Glu bought them at all. It seemed their first action was to kill the (gaming) website (or at least it shut down right around the time of the acquisition) and then dilute the brand and finally to shut it down completely. If it wasn't to kill competition, it sounds like a colossal waste of money.

Comment: Re:Demand all you want (Score 1) 667

by Creepy (#46553197) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

I wouldn't say the Soviets saw SDI as a joke, as it basically scrapped the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Reagan also killed off SALT II saying the Soviets had violated it (while still proceeding with SALT III, which later became START I if I recall correctly). All in all, it pretty much jump started the Cold War and the USSR didn't have the resources to continue that war, thus it started to fall apart.

Comment: Re:Basci inerview tips (Score 1) 218

by Creepy (#46552399) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Re-Learning How To Interview As a Developer?

Heh, my first programmer job interview was the opposite - long scraggly hair and (at least reasonably trimmed around that time) beard and a fitted, tailored suit. The suit and neat(er) beard were because I was playing cello professionally at weddings prior to graduating (and I tucked my hair under a hat, just like in the song Signs).

Incidentally, I get knocked for communication too, usually for some incident in the systems engineering part of my job. Usually my manager contacts me and says "why is system A down?" and I say "It was up this morning" and then she says "Bob says A is down, we can't get any work done! System A can't be down." Five minutes later "OK, I fixed it, server crash" and my boss says "You need to communicate when System A is down better." I want to reply "I didn't know system A was down until you fucking called me" but I reply more humanely. When it comes to review time, I get docked on it anyway :P

Comment: Re:One bias frequently overlooked (Score 1) 384

by Creepy (#46455385) Attached to: Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

I personally have little tolerance for stupidity, probably why I got into tech in the first place. I may have a better initial reaction to a pretty girl, but if she is a stereotypical dumb blonde, I quickly start talking down to her and say things like "in layman speak" - translation "I've seen smarter squirrels, so I'm going to really dumb this down for you, you petulant (because they often are) fool."

Fortunately, most blondes I knew in school were smart and completely against stereotype. I didn't have any girls in my college math courses (calc II-VI, and seriously, zero), but in pre-calc and calc my high school (accelerated math) study partner was Megan, a gorgeous, athletic blonde (she was all state in track) with a pretty nice rack to boot. Yeah, objectification there, but when I think of someone that had everything (brains and looks), I think of her. Unfortunately, she dated and mated with a dumb jock I intensely disliked and spurted out some kids right after high school graduation, so I doubt she went to college or got a job using her brains, which is unfortunate. That dumb jock did go to college (my college, which is how I know) on a football scholarship and failed out (rumors are with a 0.0 GPA, though that is possibly just rumors my friends started). I never saw or heard from either of them after that year, not that I've made any effort to look them up.

Comment: Re:Almost certainly "the result of socialization" (Score 1) 384

by Creepy (#46454459) Attached to: Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

By the time women take the SAT, they've been culturally pushed away from math and science; for instance, I see this with my brother's girl, who HATES math with a passion just like her mom, and she is 8. If you're culturally indoctrinated by 8, there isn't much hope. OTOH, there is hope for one of my nieces, who is one of the top ranked girls in her state for math (in fact, I think she was the top ranked girl, but was behind a couple of boys overall) and has a geneticist mom. Unfortunately, I know far too many of the former mom/daughter pairs and too few of the latter.

Comment: Re:question (Score 2) 130

by Creepy (#46454121) Attached to: Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer

It runs on OSX and Linux, neither of which have native DirectX support because Microsoft keeps their graphics technology under tight wraps. All implementations of it not shipped by Microsoft need to be reverse engineered from the API. OpenGL is licensed to hardware manufacturers (which is how development is paid for) and accessing the API is free for software developers.

Comment: Re:performance? (Score 4, Informative) 130

by Creepy (#46453937) Attached to: Valve Open Sources Their DirectX To OpenGL Layer

Yeah, probably minimal, since it is bytecode level (what HLSL and GLSL compile into)

The bad - this is DX 9.0c, which is analogous to OpenGL 2.0 (with extensions - note that ATI drivers didn't support extensions at the time, so more like 2.2+ for them) and in console terms, XBox 360/PS3 tech. OTOH, OpenGL went through a major paradigm shift with OpenGL 3 and 4 that make it work more like HLSL, so I expect shader conversion is much easier. When I ported a DX10 shader to OpenGL 3 it was much easier (but much harder was porting the entire OpenGL 2 project to 3).

Comment: Re:Politics ahead. (Score 1) 196

by Creepy (#46411141) Attached to: Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget

I've found the majority of people just ape what their party tells them, even if it is completely wrong, whether it be liberalism, socialism, communism (of which we only refer to the dictatorship form, not like in, say, the natural communism in some Amish or Mennonite communes), or whatever. For instance, socialism does not mean a nanny state, and in fact, works quite well with Capitalism as shown by employee owned businesses and co-ops. Applying socialist concepts to government is called bureaucracy, but it does not a socialism make, as Yoda would say.

Anyhow, I almost always want to bop people over the head when they talk about liberalism, socialism, or even conservative-ism because they are nearly always wrong. In fact, you can be liberal and conservative at the same time, since conservative essentially means keeping things as they were or bringing things back to the way they were (so, for instance, you could be conservative and bring back pensions where pensions were killed off - this extra spending will likely label you a liberal, but since you are bringing back tradition, you are conservative).

Comment: Re:Evil? (Score 1) 572

by Creepy (#46410797) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

My company just flat out says if you bring your own device and want to use it on the corporate network, you need to install remote management software that pushes security updates and such and gives them complete access to the device. On the other hand, they don't care much where you go on the work devices, and part of my job often requires going to internet sites. I don't think I'd ever have Eclipse java dev working with Maven plugin without the internet, for instance. About the worst they do is block some sites (mostly torrent, webcomic and game sites).

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