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+ - Will the FCC allow LTE to destroy GPS?-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: On January 19th, members of the GPS industry were granted an audience with the FCC to discuss findings that a portion of the LTE broadcast spectrum may be too close to the spectrum used for GPS, and causing significant problems with the technologies cooperating together. It's a complex issue, but basically it looks like LTE could do serious harm to the GPS system if this isn't reversed or kept in check.
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Linux Games For Non-Gamers? 460

Posted by timothy
from the many-addictive-options-but-any-great-ones? dept.
Nethead writes "Due to some down-time, I'm looking for some Linux games to pass the time. I've been playing BattleMaster, a PHP web game but it's only two turns a day, and I'd like something a bit faster. I've not really played PC games since the Doom era so I'm really out of touch here. I don't have a real gamer box, just a simple video card. What do Slashdotters think I should try? A simple FPS or some type of networked game would do. What's out there for Linux?"

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