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Comment: Wikipedia seem to be in the right (Score 1) 235

by Craevenwulfe (#27701955) Attached to: Wikipedia Threatens Artists For Fair Use
Seems like Wikipedia is in the right. The name of the website is "Wikipedia_art", this to your average man implies it is - wikipedia art. If I set up a website called "Slashdot stories" it implies i've taken all the stories from slashdot and put them in there. Rather than "stuff about slashdot stories"

Comment: Process Navigator or Visio (Score 1) 401

by Craevenwulfe (#26921033) Attached to: How Do You Document Technical Procedures?
Have a top level of "put stuff into box" - "magic process box" - "output from box" and then drill down repeatedly from there. Otherwise write a standard operating procedure that everyone follows. You have to make certain assumptions as to the readers knowledge, if they aren't sufficiently trained to know those assumptions they shouldn't be doing the task.

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