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Journal: What the Hell?

Journal by Corey Hart

Here I am, enjoying the newly found world of Slash Dot... I've taken great pride in the geek and nerd world... it's like "revenge" but on a genuine level.
I always thought I was a super programmer, but then one day after finishnig both a computer science degree, and an electrical engineering degree, I say to myself... "Hey, WTF?" I woke up many years later thinking this is wrong. Pride in high IQ, (whether imagined or not) and in being really good wasn't enough.
Yikes! I had to reshape my vision of the world. You see, people are not like geeks and nerds... they have no desire to be good at things like math or computers or even basic 3Rs. They are ALL (including us) a bunch of energy blobs with only enough energy to think that what "I" do is the ONLY important thing in the world... Think about it... geeks think geeks are world rulers and all others stupid. Then the jock (OK, sports nut) think that anyone who doesn't spend time at the gym is wasting their life. The CEO sees that the only way to control the "masses" is to understand them and make sure he "conquers" by being more "humble".... in fact humble in the sense that he knows he "rules" by soliciting "experts" and therefore he is better than the geeks????

How then, can a few mere postings and some lame person out there demolish my immediate love for slash dot?

How then can the group that I thought was beyond that destroy my morale? and my fragile ego?

Yeah, I'm still a geek inside. Years away from the "self" (as geeks don't do groups, and stay geeks) and still a geek.

So now, I know, I sit here in the big desk... maybe it's best to know thyself.

And now you know me too!

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