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Vulgar Comment On Newspaper Site Costs Man His Job 643

Posted by samzenpus
from the sticks-and-stones dept.
DeeFresh writes "ReadWriteWeb has an article up today discussing an incident in which a school employee lost his job after leaving a comment on the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. After the school employee responded to the newspaper's poll of 'the strangest thing you've ever eaten' with a feline-inspired vulgarity, Kurt Greenbaum, the site's director of social media, tracked down the commenter's identity through his IP address and reported him to school officials. When confronted, the school employee resigned from his job."

Comment: This guy for real? Troll of the day (Score 1) 1127

by CoolCat (#26903725) Attached to: Draconian DRM Revealed In Windows 7

|Re -- Photoshop: That Photoshop stopped functioning after we messed with one of its nag DLLs was not so much a surprise, but what was a surprise: Noting that Win7 allows programs like Photoshop to insert themselves stealthily into your firewall exception list. Further, that the OS allows large software vendors to penetrate your machine. Even further, that that permission is responsible for disabling of a program based on a modified DLL. And then finding that the OS even after reboot has locked you out of your own Local Settings folder; has denied you permission to move or delete the modified DLL; and refuses to allow the replacement of the Local Settings folder after it is unlocked with Unlocker to move it to the Desktop for examination (where it also denies you entry to your own folder). Setting permissions to 'allow everyone' was disabled!

1. You replace dll file with a cracked version and complain it "suddenly" stopped working.

2. You clearly don't understand Windows permissions. Yet, it's Windows fault?

3. "Further, that the OS allows large software vendors to penetrate your machine." Wtf? You for real, you installed with admin rights, the software can do pretty much whatever it will.


What Carriers Don't Want You To Know About Texting 570

Posted by timothy
from the what-the-market-will-bear dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Randall Stross has just published a sobering article in The New York Times about how the four major US wireless carriers don't want anyone to know the actual cost structure of text message services to avoid public outrage over the doubling of a-la-carte per-message fees over the last three years. The truth is that text messages are 'stowaways' inside the control channel — bandwidth that is there whether it is used for texting or not — and 160 bytes per message is a tiny amount of data to store-and-forward over tower-to-tower landlines. In essence it costs carriers practically nothing to transmit even trillions of text messages. When text usage goes up, the carriers don't even have to install new infrastructure as long as it is proportional to voice usage. This makes me dream of the day when there is real competition in the wireless industry, not this gang-of-four oligopoly."

Michael Meeks Says OO.o Project is "Profoundly Sick" 676

Posted by timothy
from the important-alternative dept.
unassimilatible writes "Michael Meeks, who works full time developing OpenOffice, writes in his blog that the project is 'profoundly sick.' 'In a healthy project we would expect to see a large number of volunteer developers involved, in addition — we would expect to see a large number of peer companies contributing to the common code pool; we do not see this in OpenOffice.org. Indeed, quite the opposite we appear to have the lowest number of active developers on OO.o since records began: 24, this contrasts negatively with Linux's recent low of 160+. Even spun in the most positive way, OO.o is at best stagnating from a development perspective.'"

+ - Microsoft buys the Swedish vote on OOXML->

Submitted by CoolCat
CoolCat (594452) writes "From the site: "As bad as it sound it currently looks like that the vote that took place at the SIS, Swedish Standards Institute, was a total joke due to the facts that 23 new companies applied to take part of today's voting and most of them in favour of Microsoft agenda. One would think that SIS would not accept new companies to participate in the vote since they haven't been part of the earlier discussions and meetings. But according to SIS they didn't see any problem that new companies wanted to take part in this vote without prior notice. So what happened here is that Microsoft gather together a bunch of loyal partners that would vote yes to their standard without any questions.""
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Dell thinks Ubuntu makes computers more fragile?->

Submitted by
WolfWings writes "Apparently Dell has decided that Ubuntu-based computers are ineligible for their famed CompleteCare service, or any form of hardware warranty what-so-ever. The news has only recently hit Dell's own IdeaStorm website, but after so recently decided to support Linux on their machines, including limited technical support, Dell seems to be squandering any possible good-will with this decision to leave purchasers of these machines high and dry for hardware warranty coverage."
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Say Anything About Anyone->

Submitted by
kellyhazel writes "Shit talking or reality check

Ever wonder what people around you think of you? Do you have something to say to someone but you are afraid he/she might take it personally?

Dbuz.com is a site where members can read or write positive and negative comments that are posted anonymously.

Whether it's for HR, love, gossip or business, Dbuz is useful tool to find or provide the inside scope on the people you are most interested in. Come to www.dbuz.com right now and see if people are already talking about you.

Just enter an email address of anybody you know and immediately find out if that person has already been uploaded to dbuz.com

Chances are people are already writing about you in dbuz. If you can't handle the truth, no worries

Say Anything About Me i dont mind at All ;)"

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+ - OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X Released!->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Nearly 6 years after announcing a Mac port, OpenOffice.org has released the first release of OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X that can finally run without X11!! An alpha is available for download today, but a lot of help is still needed to make OpenOffice.org available for Mac OS X. Visit the Mac team to figure out how you can help today!"
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+ - Saltwater as an Energy Source->

Submitted by Everette Scott
Everette Scott (666) writes "John Kanzius, an inventor from Erie, PA, has discovered a method for turning ordinary saltwater into usable energy. Kanzius uses a machine he invented to create radio waves to actually ignite ordinary saltwater. The energy created is in the form of a flame that won't even burn a paper towel. The flame burns at approximately 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy created has been used to power a specially designed engine for up to 2 minutes. He also believes that the machine could be used to fight cancer.
For more information watch these videos.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Saltwater as an energy source? Go figure..."

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Consultants are mystical people who ask a company for a number and then give it back to them.