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Comment Re:Blackberry. (Score 1) 484

I am still using my Blackberry Tour 9630 as my daily driver. Darn thing just will not quit and I am so cheap I wont get rid of it until it does.
It was purchased in 2010 and I have gone through several batteries. They last about a year and a half and then the talk time starts to degrade.
I soon will have to give up on it because the batteries are getting harder to find. I have dropped it countless times and it is built to tough to get damaged.
As for apps I don't have much use for them. I did download apps for my banking at two different banks. The phone Calendar, Email and BB Messenger are what I use most often. The last thing you want is for some app to hang up your phone when you need it to call 911 in and emergency. Keep it simple.

Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 3, Insightful) 74

"Still, it appears to be a solid product, if probably unsexy to the people always on my lawn."
I still use my Blackberry Tour daily, bought about 5 years ago. Sooner or later it will die and I will replace it with a Blackberry Classic. I really don't associate sex with anything to do with smartphones because I figured out how to get sex before Tinder. My lawn is immaculate.

Submission + - Firefox OS is Coming to Raspberry Pi (

ControlsGeek writes: Mozilla plans to build a version of it's FxOs operating system for use in the Raspberry Pi. Plans are afoot to build a version capable of (1) being run on the Pi hardware and (2) eventuality achieve parity with Raspbian and (3) World domination.

Submission + - 100 year old rifle being phased out by Canada's Rangers (

ControlsGeek writes: The Lee-Enfield .303 Rifle is being phased out for use by Canada's Rangers. A Northern aboriginal branch of the Armed Forces. The rifle has been in service with the Canadian military for 100 years and is still being used by the Rangers for it's unfailing reliability in Arctic conditions. If only the Hardware that we use in Computers could have such a track record.

Comment Re:I just want a phone (Score 1) 189

Blackberry has done significant development to improve the voice call aspect of the Passport. At the release event they discussed this including closed loop feedback with a separate microphone to improve the loudness and tone at your ear depending upon how far away that you hold the device and the ambient noise and whether the other party is a 'Loud talker' or 'Quiet Talker'. Also mentioned was the extra loud speakerphone mode (300 times louder than Samsung) and the 30 hour battery life. Not sure I believe it until I hear it though. Does anybody use their phone for Voice calls anymore?

Comment Re:Trust Blackberry? (Score 1) 189

If the country in question has physical access to the server running Blackberry (BES) then they have the ability to eavesdrop on encrypted messages. That is why the German government developed their own encryption over the top and Blackberry bought that company. India was upset because the Blackberry servers were in Canada so they bought their own.

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