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Comment Re:NO and CO are toxins? (Score 1) 228

==>"Two-stroke engine leaf blowers mix fuel with oil and don't undergo a complete combustion, emitting a number of toxins, like carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide, which their operators inevitably inhale."

    Nitrous Oxide ? I get that at the dentist office. I think that they mean Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide as components of incomplete combustion.

Comment Re:No Backdoor (Score 1) 137

If someone can compromise any app that they know you use and update it then the compromised app can copy the key and send it to an outside server without you knowing. Unless you personally write or audit all the code in all the apps you use you are just trusting that they are safe. The compromised code could be hidden in any app update or bug fix from Apple or any other Application developer. With the authorization of the government this is exactly how NSA has been able to intercept devices in transit and bury their code in them.

Comment Re:No Backdoor (Score 1) 137

Your iPhone contains the private key or it couldn't decrypt the messages, and it is backed up in Apple's cloud. Authorities with Apple cooperation could Trojan horse every app in the Apple universe and easily extract your key. If teenage hackers can root or jailbreak phones do you seriously doubt the NSA can?

Comment No Backdoor (Score 1) 137

Blackberry has clarified that there are no backdoors in their equipment. Major slip up by COO Marty Beard and it just exemplifies the terrible Communications and Marketing strategy that Blackberry has always suffered under. Every company Apple, Alphabet (Google), Samsung will cooperate with law enforcement. Just don't give them your encryption keys and you are fine. Blackberry is no different and wouldn't be used by Obama and Merkel if it wasn't secure. Don't be fooled any company will give up whatever they have when faced with a warrant from a judge. Blackberry has governments as major customers so they have to be cooperative with them. Sucks if your government is not legitimate and denies your human rights but don't look to a US corporation to intervene.

Comment Re:Blackberry. (Score 1) 484

I am still using my Blackberry Tour 9630 as my daily driver. Darn thing just will not quit and I am so cheap I wont get rid of it until it does.
It was purchased in 2010 and I have gone through several batteries. They last about a year and a half and then the talk time starts to degrade.
I soon will have to give up on it because the batteries are getting harder to find. I have dropped it countless times and it is built to tough to get damaged.
As for apps I don't have much use for them. I did download apps for my banking at two different banks. The phone Calendar, Email and BB Messenger are what I use most often. The last thing you want is for some app to hang up your phone when you need it to call 911 in and emergency. Keep it simple.

Comment Re:The funny thing is... (Score 3, Insightful) 74

"Still, it appears to be a solid product, if probably unsexy to the people always on my lawn."
I still use my Blackberry Tour daily, bought about 5 years ago. Sooner or later it will die and I will replace it with a Blackberry Classic. I really don't associate sex with anything to do with smartphones because I figured out how to get sex before Tinder. My lawn is immaculate.

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