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ControlsGeek (156589) writes "The Raspberry Pi Foundation has developed a new product. It is basically a Raspberry Pi model A processor memory and flash memory on a DDR2 style SODIMM connector. Also available will be a development board that breaks out all the internal connections. Board design will be open sourced so you can develop your own devices using the BCM2835 processor. No network but support for 2 HDMI displays and 2 cameras so 3D TV is a possibility. Pretty cool hack!"
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by ControlsGeek (#42099907) Attached to: Researcher Finds Nearly Two Dozen SCADA Bugs In a Few Hours

Back in the day when the IT folks wanted to gather data from my Modicon PLC's I put a seperate PLC on Modbus Plus Network and used Ladder commands to transfer what they wanted to it. Then I put a Gateway in between with custom built ROM that disabled the Modbus commands that could change or write to that PLC and left them with only Read Register (4xxxx).

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by ControlsGeek (#37307900) Attached to: Samsung Halts Galaxy Tablet Promotion In Germany

The whole of American Industry is reliant on international manufacturers like Foxconn and millions of good American jobs have been outsourced to places like India, China, Brazil , Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia and the former East European countries. The manufacturing machinery that I built for my former employer has been ripped out and shipped to Poland because of cheaper labor. American companies have no choice but to try to protect its intellectual property or see its standard of living fall to an equilibrium. It may already be too late. If you work in the Software industry their is no reason why your job should be done in a high wage country like U.S.A. or Canada. Their are many hard working programmers and developers in India who work for lower wages. Banking, Law research, Accounting, can all be outsourced. Something to think about on this Labor Day holiday. Strong intellectual property laws are one way to retain the incentive to invest in new ideas going forward. And rethink your attitudes to companies like Rambus who outsource fabs but try to retain rights to their Intellectual property.

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by ControlsGeek (#36940880) Attached to: Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells In Prisons

LabView is not similar to a PLC. LabView is programmed by connect the dots picture drawing on a PC screen. PLC code is written and compiled and downloaded via a serial port into _Separate_ hardware that does not have variable output voltages that could be changed to be outside of the design range of the hardware device which was selected for a specific purpose. PLC hardware is engineered to do one specific job.

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You are correct the newer controllers can come with Ethernet although TCP/IP Modbus isn't the same protocol stack as Rockwells TCP. Regardless if you are going to do this I recommend that you keep the network cards seperate at least. An ethernet card is less than $50 these days. Then load different protocol stack on each card and disable bridging. Load the driver for the PLC and bind it to one card while the Other card can be used for internet. Disable bridging betwwen the two network interfaces. Use the firewall SW and block the ports. You may consider MAC Address filtering as well.

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by ControlsGeek (#36939392) Attached to: Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells In Prisons

Yes I have seen those same issues in some of my work in Automated factories. The typical way to bridge Control Networks over to HMI networks is done haphazardly in many instances. The proper way would be through a Firewall router that would block ports used for PLC commands. I once commissioned a custom configured Eprom in a bridge for this purpose that allowed READ but not WRITE access to Modicon PLC's from SCADA system (operated by IT/ CS guys) to PLC's in the factory (that are the Domain of the Engineering and Maintenance people). There are PORTS that can easily be blocked in a firewall that would allow Web Email on port 80 but not allow PLC access on it's port. Also TCP/IP protocol stack may be on a different Ethernet card for Control HMI. Bridging between the cards should be disabled.

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by ControlsGeek (#36939216) Attached to: Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells In Prisons

Yes You could have this done over Ethernet TCP/IP. You could bridge the local Control Net to the internet and this is done in some cases. You could program from a central location in the facility. There are many reasons that you may want to do that but the safety consideration of someone accidentally remotely turning on or off a valve or causing a robot to swing into a new position means it is not commonly done in the most automated of factories. Of course each system is custom engineered for an application so anything is possible.

I would imagine in a Prison there may be a reason to program from a remote (safe) location. But I see no need to do that from outside the prison walls.

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by ControlsGeek (#36938658) Attached to: Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells In Prisons

In the first place the prison control network is likeley not Ethernet. If it uses Allen Bradley PLCs in North America it is probably ControlNet a Token Passing bus topology. If it uses Gould/Modicon/SquareD/ Schneider it is probably Modbus Plus also a Token passing Bus Network. The PLC's will be executing Ladder Logic.
The Control Computer that the article talks about is only used to modify or create code for the PLC's and thereafter disconnected.It would usually only be reconnected for Maintenance reasons. The control of the unlocking or locking of cell doors is likeley by push button in the Guard control room and done through the PLC I/O.

The network is not going to be connected to the internet as that would be stupid.

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