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Voters like occasional face-to-face interactions with their elected representative, or at least like to hear their representative could be bothered to put their feet on the ground of the district once in a while. Most people vote before work or after work so yes it is certainly a goodwill gesture to visit the district on election day!

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That wasn't the only reason Cantor was defeated. I voted for Brat and immigration never even crossed my mind. However much promise he had in the beginning, Cantor had been lost to DC politics. He was out of touch with his district. On the morning of the primaries he was in a coffee shop in DC.

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The movie started and ended in an exciting way in the middle of an ongoing story. The rebels had just dealt a mighty blow to the empire but were now fleeing from the might of the empire's retaliation. The characters and special effects were developed nicely versus A New Hope. It was a fairly dark movie, the main protagonists were on the run and not in control of things. A major character loses a hand and the big fight at the end of the movie, but lives to fight another day.

And it had AT-ATs, and no Ewoks or Jar-Jar. What's not to like?

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I've used Turbotax the last few years. It works fairly well, although their walkthrough for each section is a bit cumbersome if you only want to change one thing.

A couple complaints though, Turbotax price for the version that files a Schedule C went up a lot. Luckily I can share the cost with another person, Turbotax lets you file 6 returns. With Turbotax you get free federal e-file, but not state e-file, they want $25 for that. I used to just fill out my simple state tax tax forms online on the state site, but for some reason the state no longer offers the simple online form hosted on their own servers. So I just print my state return and mail it with a check.

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