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User Journal

Journal: Just testing...

Journal by Consul

I just thought I'd check out this Slashdot journal system. It's been here for a while, but I've basically ignored it until just now, when I decided to write this entry. Being bored at work can do that to you.

I never really worried about having an online journal, whether here or on LiveJournal or someplace like that. I figure that's what having your own server is for. :) Just for the record, having my own server is not a done deal just yet (unless you count the one at home), but it will soon be. I really need something to host these projects I've been working on.

If anyone actually replies to this and wants to know what I'm up to, I suppose I could post a few links and give some explanations. Nothing is secret, it's just that there's a lot to explain. For some reason, I always end up with big projects.

Well, that's about that. Bye for now. :)

The moon is a planet just like the Earth, only it is even deader.