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Comment: Algorithms, data structures, systems (Score 2, Informative) 396

by ColonelPanic (#31199572) Attached to: What Knowledge Gaps Do Self-Taught Programmers Generally Have?

If you know your algorithms and data structures, and have a firm grasp of the architecture of modern computer systems, you'll be way ahead of a depressingly large proportion of people with degrees in CS that come past me in interviews.

The most informative and entertaining book I can recommend on algorithms is Bentley's "Programming Pearls".

Comment: Re:Think you understand these things? Try this... (Score 1) 365

by ColonelPanic (#28782931) Attached to: Visualizing False Positives In Broad Screening

Okay, if you don't get the problem (and yes it is correctly stated), there are three things you can do to improve your understanding.

1) Write a simple computer program in your language of choice to generate a billion random two-children families and count the ones that meet the conditions.
2) Draw a Venn diagram.
3) Read up on Bayes' theorem.

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