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Comment: Re:Simple: (Score 1) 821

by ColonelBlinky (#24971429) Attached to: San Fran Hunts For Mystery Device On City Network

thats not such a bad idea dropping the power to sections of the city or just unplugging sections of the network late at night. when you stop getting some sort of response from the device you can narrow it down. done this before when we had a denial of servcie attack coming from an unknown device in a network of 10,000 users in the asia pacific region. in this case we had admin access to the various routers to isolate the subnets. but swtiching off hardware can do the same. even if it's outside the city's durastiction, at least there is a trail to follow. it's not that hard to track down a device but if in this case the business is functioning maybe the cost of taking down parts of the system is not worth it, yet.


+ - ninemsn Music Store, closing on the 21 Jan 2008

Submitted by ColonelBlinky
ColonelBlinky (1000650) writes "Below is a copy of an email that I, just like others, got today from ninemsn music. So what do I do now, do I make the switch to iTunes or go back to paying for CD's with extra tracks I won't ever listen too?

I am very aware of the controversy over DRM but I assume (unwisely now) that no matter where I got my DRM music from that if they went bust someone would buy them out and the licenses transer. In this case OD2 provide the back end service so I can't see why another OD2 distributor can't take over?


ps. my 1st post on Slashdot, constructive feedback on my posting technique is welcome

=== copy email below ===

The ninemsn Music Store will be closing on the 21 January 2008 at 9pm EST.

If you still have credit left in this account, please use it by the 21 January 2008. Any pre-pay credit remaining after this date will expire and NOT be able to be redeemed. Subscriptions will automatically expire over the next month, and from today, no more subscription payments will be taken.

All tracks that you have downloaded through the ninemsn Music service can continue to be enjoyed after the service has closed, but we recommend that you burn them all to audio CD using Windows Media Player to avoid any loss of licenses. Please do this before the store closure on the 21 January 2008, in case you have any questions that need to be directed to our support team.

If you have any other queries regarding the closure of your account and this service, please contact our customer support team directly at

We thank you for your loyalty and support and will email you in the near future with some new and even more exciting music initiatives we have planned.

Kind Regards,

The ninemsn Music store team"

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