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Comment: Re:Search? Ever used Outlook? (Score 1) 434

by Coldfinger (#37660046) Attached to: Putting Emails In Folders Is a Waste of Time, Says IBM Study
Agreed. However, there is a fix if changing client is not an option. The lookout-plugin makes searching in outlook not only usable, but fast too. Even on a multiple-GB inbox. Sadly Microsoft bought it and shut it down, but the old versions still works:

Comment: Re:Avoid SGC (Score 1) 149

by Coldfinger (#37440324) Attached to: Gamers Piece Together Retrovirus Enzyme Structure

2- the achievements of real people are sometimes controversial. Who could say with certainty that Cooley and Tukey invented the FFT, while it was used by Gauss in his astronomy work to speed up his calculation, but thought it unimportant enough to report compared to his number theory work? That itself may be controversial. Science is littered with misappropriated credit. For instance George Dantzig did not invent the first solution the the LP problem. Fourier knew about it ; people in the Soviet Union were using it before WWII. Hence writing about real people, particularly scientists, is hard.

This also applies to fictional people. Did Han shoot Greedo in cold blood or was it self defense? ;)

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