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Comment: Yes, but (Score 1) 139

by Coditor (#45922655) Attached to: Mobile Banking Apps For iOS Woefully Insecure
As an iOS programmer (not at a financial company but we do ecommerce) I would be surprised that the banks did not use Veracode to analyze their binaries. Veracode isn't perfect but even for us it finds a number of these issues. But statically analyzed security issues found by a researcher are not always exploitable in real life. It's very likely that the bank could have security on the API side that would validate anything the client did that would not be visible on a client only analysis. As with Veracode where we get a lot of red herrings, what looks wrong statically might not actual be an issue. Then again I worked at a banking company once before the mobile era and their software truly sucked.

Comment: The cost of publishing is zero... (Score 4, Insightful) 181

by Coditor (#45817951) Attached to: The Rise of Hoax News
and the cost of publishing fake news is also zero. In the early days of the web people thought that it would allow the truth to be easily discovered and that lies couldn't live long. The problem today is that there is no much information available that determining truth is extremely difficult - the noise is so high that a real signal is often lost. I wonder if in the future the amount of information is large enough that a truth analyzer could be built to assist in calculating a truth likeliness value for any given article.

Comment: Not all top developers work in those few companies (Score 2) 238

by Coditor (#45582483) Attached to: Inside the War For Top Developer Talent
There are top developers everywhere, not just in SF or Seattle or NY. But not everyone wants to work at giant companies, some would rather work for a small team that does great work but doesn't burn itself out. Some people like living in smaller towns. Some people want a life outside of a job as well. Some would prefer working in a startup where they can make a huge difference and do something amazing. I think a lot of those companies aren't any better at evaluating talent than anyone else and often succeed due to market position, luck, being first to something, or something other than simply hiring "top" talent.

Comment: Re:Obvious: latency (Score 1) 166

by Coditor (#45388113) Attached to: Why Project Flare Might Just End the Console War
Having worked on an MMO with customers all over the world latency is a huge problem. We had a hard enough time getting people to properly run around without all sorts of predictions on the client side often leading to seemingly irrational behavior. I shoot you then you shoot me but I die and you don't. This sort of thing would only work if the servers were everywhere and you only communicated with them nearby.

Comment: Organic Chemistry wasn't my issue (Score 1) 279

by Coditor (#45321485) Attached to: Why Organic Chemistry Is So Difficult For Pre-Med Students
I made a D in Comparative Anatomy. Me and my lab partner's dissected cat vanished right before the final and we couldn't use it to study so I flunked the test. In Organic Chemistry lab the prof was the pre-med advisor and had a perverse sense of humor, like he would wander into the lab and with an obvious flourish pull out a test tube and scrape some random stuff into it and wander out looking innocent. I did OK with my work (we had something like 5 unknowns to identify) but one of them was changed after I nearly passed out working with it. The TA looked it up, asked the prof, and then got me another one. Apparently the original had some nasty side effects.

Comment: iOS7 programmer here (Score 1) 488

by Coditor (#44917507) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?
Blur is definitely a real slowdown, we deliberately used our own nav bars to avoid it. It's especially sluggish on any scrolling list. Of course this is not turned on for iPhone 4. You also have to realize that this OS is so new we didn't have a new beta for the last month before it was released and that meant no time to really optimize anything. Even Apple barely got it completed enough to ship. On the iPad it's still beta as far as I can see. They only started the whole UI transition in Nov of last year and that simply wasn't enough time to get everything optimized. Changing the UI and much of the frameworks underlying an OS in less than a year has never been done to this level. It amazes me it works at all. Still it will take a few updates until it catches up. By then you won't notice issues any more. Remember how long it took MS to go from XP to Win 7?

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