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Submission + - How AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are working together to screw you->

An anonymous reader writes: AT&T is buying entire legislatures to rewrite the laws to allow them to become a fully unregulated company with no wholesale obligations, creating a de-facto monopoly. They can (and likely will) use it to squash or hurt wireless competitors as well, as they're permitted to favor their own subsidiaries with the network built and created over a hundred plus year monopoly, and Comcast is fully on-board because they'd like to split the market created when all their competitors are dead.
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Comment Re:what's that going to accomplish? (Score 1) 178 178

This article talks about Intel's design, which is based on two inverters in a ring. Both inverters are forced to the same state and then left to settle into one state or the other based on thermal noise. There's a bit more to it, but that is the basis.

Submission + - AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast are working together to screw you.->

jon787 writes: In Michigan, AT&T is trying to screw over customers by getting the state to deregulate the bulk of the telephone business. In particular they want the right to drop landline service completely. Verizon and Comcast are playing along because they want a piece of the pie as customers find new services.
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Submission + - AT&T, Verizon Attempting to Get Government Approval to Cut Off Competitors.->

An anonymous reader writes: In Michigan, Senate Bill 636 will remove any remaining requirements of AT&T and Verizon to lease lines to other providers, effectively killing all competing phone and internet providers, including wireless providers, which rely on leasing any connectivity from AT&T or Verizon. Readers should not be fooled by the title of the bill into thinking it only applies to a hard-wired phone line coming into their home or office. What the consumer calls a landline differs greatly from what the law calls a landline.
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Submission + - Satanists Propose Monument at Oklahoma Statehouse Next to Ten Commandments

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: The Tulsa World reports that in their zeal to tout their faith in the public square, conservatives in Oklahoma may have unwittingly opened the door to a wide range of religious groups, including satanists who are now seeking to put their own statue next to a Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse steps. The Republican-controlled Legislature in Oklahoma authorized the privately funded Ten Commandments monument in 2009, and it was placed on the Capitol grounds last year despite criticism from legal experts who questioned its constitutionality. But the New York-based Satanic Temple saw an opportunity and notified the state's Capitol Preservation Commission that it wants to donate a monument too. "We believe that all monuments should be in good taste and consistent with community standards," Lucien Greaves wrote in letter to state officials. "Our proposed monument, as an homage to the historic/literary Satan, will certainly abide by these guidelines." Brady Henderson, legal director for ACLU Oklahoma, said if state officials allow one type of religious expression, they must allow alternative forms of expression, although he said a better solution might be to allow none at all on state property. "We would prefer to see Oklahoma's government officials work to faithfully serve our communities and improve the lives of Oklahomans instead of erecting granite monuments to show us all how righteous they are," says Henderson. "But if the Ten Commandments, with its overtly Christian message, is allowed to stay at the Capitol, the Satanic Temple's proposed monument cannot be rejected because of its different religious viewpoint."

Comment Re:Coulda swore... (Score 1) 210 210

Boston Dynamics has been working on varieties of this concept since the late 1990s or early 2000s. In 2005 they came out with a lighter version called BigDog. (The LS3 is apparently the next phase of the BigDog project). Here is a video from 2006:

Comment Re:Industrial espionage (Score 4, Insightful) 402 402

How about just doing a boot-time truecrypt volume? They can't boot the system from the hard drive, and booting from a live CD/USB is also useless, as the data on the hard drive is encrypted. (unless they want to take the time to image the whole hard drive so they can work on cracking it elsewhere)

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