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Comment treadlmill desk cure (Score 2) 340

here is a cure for the desire to use a treadmill desk:
1. get a treadmill desk of any variety.
2. set up your computer as you like.
3. get to work.
4. wait until you are concentrating on an email or a task and make a misstep.
5. fall ungracefully.
Note #1: do not forget to flail on the way down to make sure you get your coffee or soda all over you and your computer
Note #2: do not forget to whack your skull on your desk or other furniture on the way down.
optional: if you fortunately have installed a backstop to the treadmill and have forgotten to attach the little string for autostop on the treadmill, you can also enjoy the benefits of the treadmill belt sandpapering your flesh and your clothes while you struggle to get off of it.

voila! you are now cured from *ever* wanting to use a treadmill desk again!

Comment Re:what a load of crap (Score 1) 293

It's one thing to force everyone to use your internal wifi for money, it's another to force them to compromise their security so you can make a buck. I would rather not use their "public" wifi because it is not as secure as using my own hotspot. I want to be able see my email, bank, and use social media without worrying the guy in the next room is on the same network and grabbing all my login credentials. I realize anything wireless by its nature is never entirely secure, but I would trust my own hotspot more than a hotel hotspot.

Comment Re:unease--from those preaching tolerance/acceptan (Score 1) 1007

Creationists have the Right to Free Speech, that's why the American Government can't disqualify them from public office or round them up in camps.

Really!? What is this, a crusade or an inquisition? If you don't have the right scientific viewpoint and able to glibly mouth the latest theory you are to be pilloried? When was the last time a group of people because of beliefs or nationality were rounded up into camps? I could give you a list...
Freedom of speech and freedom of religion point to a freedom of conscience for you and everyone else. Worship God, Satan, Science or the flying spaghetti monster if you wish. When you and any one else say to round up those you don't agree with, you are NOT tolerant, accepting, or enlightened.
If you can't leave those alone who think and believe differently than you, then don't expect them to do the same to you. Having a conference near you is not the same as having a rabid christian screaming in your face.
And to those of you who are rabid about your (any) belief and want to scream it into someone else's face...DON'T.
There is an old saying: 'A man convinced against is will is of the same opinion still'. Screaming in someone's face or browbeating them or calling their POV evil is just not effective. The only way to get through to them is to have a civil discussion in which you, with solid reasoning, convince them how they are wrong and you are right. Any other way is just counterproductive.

Comment sandbox the ai (Score 1) 583

Put the ai in a sandbox and see it if works and plays well with others before letting it out where it could do potential harm.
If second life was still popular, I would suggest that, as we could see how well the ai deals with real people in a contained environment.
Or if we had a virtual world like in Caprica would be better for a sandbox.

Just remember the rules of the sandbox club when you are in there:
#1 there is no sandbox club.
#2 don't talk about sandbox club.

Comment hardware matters (Score 1) 107

Some hardware makers do a better job with mobile hotspots than others.
I formerly had a droid 4 that I used with foxfi as a wi-fi hotspot and now I use an lg g3 that has a built in mobile hotspot. both of these would provide a reliable wi-fi connection all day to my laptop and tablet and neither was an extra charge from verizon.
I have had 2 samsung tablets and the mobile hot spot function on both have consistently crapped out after about a half hour and I would have to restart the tablet to get it back. the first one was 3g and the second 4g. The 4g was worse in that it would drop the internet connection for itself about every couple of days and I would have to restart it also. Needless to say I won't buy another samsung anything ( I've had trouble with other samsung products) and I am kicking myself for the second tablet when I should've learned from the first one.
If the pantech is not reliable, is there another brand you could use? Or do as others have suggested and use a phone as a hotspot.

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