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Comment: Re:What exactly is a Service Pack? (Score 4, Informative) 173 173

by CodeheadUK (#42920489) Attached to: Windows 7 RTM Support Ending Soon

A service pack is a roll up of all the important and critical updates into one big package. You can apply a service pack to any install to bring it up to that patch level without going through the intermediate stages.

The service packs are often slipstreamed into install media to produce a (fairly) up to date install right off the disk.


+ - Ask Slashdot: Making side-money as a programmer

Submitted by
earlzdotnet writes: "I've been programming for a few years now, have a full time job etc. I'm one of those lucky souls that actually enjoy programming, so I commonly work on my own open source projects on weekends. However, I wouldn't mind working on a short-term(ie, not more than 2 months) project every once in a while on weekends.

I've looked at freelancing before and I could probably make more money by working at McDonald's on weekends than that. I've also looked into making web sites for small businesses, but it requires a bit too much commitment and support for me, especially since I'm terrible at graphics design. I've had my hand at trying to write reusable components to sell to other programmers, but that was pretty pointless(made one $20 sale). I've seen teaching suggested, but I'm self-taught and probably not experienced enough to responsibly teach people

Are there any other options to make a bit of cash as a programmer? Is programming just one of those things that requires complete dedication or what?"

Comment: EN-US / EN-UK Dictionary (Score 2) 144 144

by CodeheadUK (#42829793) Attached to: Digital Pen Vibrates To Indicate Bad Spelling, Grammar and Penmanship

I hope is has a better dictionary selection and retention than Word. Being constantly reprimanded by squiggly red lines that I the software thinks that I should use -ize on words that should be -ise is enough to make me gouge out my eyes with a vibrating pen.

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