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Comment Re:What is all of this even about? (Score 1) 727 727

I don't read reddit, so I'm not always in the loop about whatever this hour's controversy is. As such, I need to ask, what is all of this even about? Can anyone explain this to me? Who is this person? Why is there so much negativity here?

I've looked through the discussion here, and all I'm seeing are an unusually high number of comments modded down to -1, a lot of talk about transsexuals, and pretty much nothing relevant to science, computing, math, or good stuff like that.

Can anyone, anyone at all, explain what the hell is going on here, and what the hell this is all about?

Yes. Google can - it's what all the kids on the internet use now. Saves posting comments pretending you haven't heard of person/band/website/game/TVshow to try and desperately gain some level of street cred.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 507 507

met the original specifications

The key word here being "original" when discussing waterfall vs iterative development. Agile is not meant to deliver the original specification; it's meant to allow developers to adapt to a changing specification.

Unfortunately, it often requires the client to accept a product that was different from their original specification thanks to the dropping of features along the way.

Comment Re:Mind games (Score 1) 89 89

not have to worry about if he thinks that I think, etc.

I think he's wrong on this. A computer would still need to consider what his opponent thinks he holds and raise accordingly.

Actually, in heads-up play using GTO strategy, this is not necessarily true.

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