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+ - Magic Leap Hires Sci-Fi Writer Neal Stephenson as Chief Futurist->

Submitted by giulioprisco
giulioprisco (2448064) writes "Magic Leap, a secretive Florida augmented reality startup that raised $542 million in October, hired renowned science fiction writer Neal Stephenson as its “Chief Futurist.” Stephenson offers hints at the company’s technology and philosophy: "Magic Leap is bringing physics, biology, code, and design together to build a system that is going to blow doors open for people who create things." According to the Magic Leap website, their Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal technology permits generating images indistinguishable from real objects."
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Comment: Re:Discovery nightmare (Score 1) 79

by CodeArtisan (#48457911) Attached to: Slack Now Letting Employers Tap Workers' Private Chats

If your compliance monitoring application will let you store and view those unsent, often inappropriate or ill-conceived, messages then you're going to have to cough them up during discovery or during any investigation by regulators.

That is exactly the point. The 'compliance' refers to compliance with the regulators/regulations.

I work for a company that provides call and SMS recording solutions to banks where they can record the phone calls and text messages sent and received by their employees on their mobile phones. This doesn't mean all employees, it's just those in certain positions like traders.

Doing so is an FSA requirement - banks *must* do this in order to gather the evidence that can prove or disprove that traders are involved in things they shouldn't such as insider trading, libor rate fixing etc. The bank has a team that is responsible for monitoring those communications and preparing reports for the FSA proving they are recording these communications as required (which is essentially showing you have a recording of every call made/received).

This is just an IM platform catering to that market.

Of course, the beauty of all these systems is whenever the SEC asks for emails, they are often "missing" due to backup or archiving mishaps. The fact that the penalty for not producing the emails is significantly less than the penalty for financial misconduct is purely coincidental.

Comment: Re:Different things for different people (Score 1) 277

by CodeArtisan (#47974391) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

Which is why Apple are giving people the choice between a larger phone, or an even larger phone. Because choices are important.

If you liked the original iPhone size, Apple has nothing for you. Because your choice isn't important. Whatever Apple says you want, that's what you get.

If you liked the original iPhone size you can keep what you have - the new versions don't offer much in the way of new hardware (apart from size). I don't think it's coincidence, however, that Apple are releasing the Apple Watch and the Phablets around the same time. They want you to keep your phone in your pocket/purse and have quick access to data on your new (gold) wrist device.

Comment: Re: name and location tweeted... (Score 1) 928

Airports are NOT public places, particularly the Gates at airports.

They are called places of public accommodation just like restaurants. There is zero expectation of privacy for the employees in areas where there is customer access. Members of the public have access to them. Specifically... any members of the public who have paid a fee and obtained a ticket.

This isn't really about privacy, though - it's about SouthWest's perogative to refuse service to someone they feel was being abusive. They could just have easily refused to board this guy if he had been rude to the person't face. Airlines have complete control over access to their planes.

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