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Comment Re:I don't understand something (Score 4, Interesting) 117

This, plus they are a hardware company and don't trade in data. Data scientists aside, it's also tough as a developer trying to get any useful stats on the apps you sell on the app store. But again, Apple is a hardware company and doesn't really worry too much about that either,

Comment Re:The one true language (Score 2) 429

That's sad. Assembler was a required course for my CS degree. If you wanted to mix in any significant computer engineering you took the optional second course that covered Motorola assembler as well.

Same for me. Motorola 6800 and 6809 assembler for the low level and Pascal for the data structures courses. Once we had a strong grounding in both, they let us loose on C. It was a great combination.

Comment Re:Account should not try to "get knowledgeable" (Score 1) 87

[G]et somebody that really knows this stuff

And if he's totally ignorant, how does he know somebody "really knows this stuff"?

He has his developers participate in the recruitment process. If the person he hires is good, the developers will know and the accountant will know as the new hire will be able to clearly communicate with both during the interview.

Comment Re:What is all of this even about? (Score 1) 727

I don't read reddit, so I'm not always in the loop about whatever this hour's controversy is. As such, I need to ask, what is all of this even about? Can anyone explain this to me? Who is this person? Why is there so much negativity here?

I've looked through the discussion here, and all I'm seeing are an unusually high number of comments modded down to -1, a lot of talk about transsexuals, and pretty much nothing relevant to science, computing, math, or good stuff like that.

Can anyone, anyone at all, explain what the hell is going on here, and what the hell this is all about?

Yes. Google can - it's what all the kids on the internet use now. Saves posting comments pretending you haven't heard of person/band/website/game/TVshow to try and desperately gain some level of street cred.

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