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Comment: Re: Don't be so hard on him... (Score 1) 323

It's actually not that far off, any high-performance Java app eventuaaly uses the Unsafe class so the developers can do things Java doesn't allow you to, because that's not what it's for. There are people on stackoverflow asking questions about programming problems when writing JVM bytecode directly... WTF is that all about? These guys probably then consider themselves low level devs. LOL

Comment: Fix html5 video, plus a few other things (Score 1) 220

by CockMonster (#47813047) Attached to: Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support
Youtube Videos still continue to play even when the tab is closed. The video stops rendering sometimes yet the audio continues. The browser itself freezes a lot. I get 'firefox is running but not responding' messages all the time. I don't see the fuss. It's bloated crap IMO

Comment: I'm a style prude (Score 2) 373

by CockMonster (#46582507) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Do You Consider Elegant Code?
The first thing I look at when looking at interview candidates code is their style. I don't care particularly if it's not the same as mine, but I do care if there's no consistency to their own style. I'm talking about hurried formatting, trying to squeeze everything into the least number of lines, mixed naming conventions, bad spelling in comments, even down to things like inconsistent spacing. Maybe I'm a prude but if I'm going to be looking at this person's coding output all day it better at least be readable. That Linux managed to maintain a consistent coding style with so many contributors is an admirable feat. As for beautiful algorithms, I quite like the simplicity of Dijkstra's shortest path.

Comment: Re:ATI drivers (Score 1) 212

by CockMonster (#45254315) Attached to: AMD's Radeon R9 290X Review

Don't want .Net for your drivers? Try Linux.

Don't like wasting 90MB? Well, maybe if they didn't have drastically less resources than their competition, they could spare someone to optimize for size. For now, perhaps you can spare the 0.01$ of hard drive space. Sure, I agree 90MB is horribly bloated, but its not anywhere bad enough to care about when compared to actual driver bugs, or the price difference in GPUs.

I use Linux in work, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I had to reinstall it when I changed graphics card because it kept crashing (kernel too). I'm afraid to plug a second monitor in in case it causes the same thing to happen. I seriously considered installing Win7 on the machine and running Linux under VMWare. That's what I do on my laptop.

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