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Journal Journal: Are we bound to evolve? 1

It came to me slowly. The question is: Are we bound to evolve?

You know this phrase: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". We all have in mind that moving forward, doing things, creating and all that is a way to evolve. To build a better me. But does that mean that if I destroy things, I'll regress? Or: what if I don't do anything. Just staying at home, watching TV. I'll be like the least learning guy. But still. The TV will show me things and teach me stuff. Okay... So now I go in a cave and just wait there, for 3 days. Then again these 3 days won't even be lost. Because I thought and concentrated. I thought about my life and my situation. I kinda grew up again.
So is life a long way forward or is progress just some part of the society we live in? Is there any society where people don't think about progress and where you're not bound to be more this and more that?

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Journal Journal: First attempt to ruin things up

Okay so here we go.

  • My friend mister.3.6 hosted our site at his home. It's pretty quicker than the PHP service at He also installed the AWStats module and this totally rule!
  • I saw a bunch of movies too:
    • Men in Black 2: Same as first episode except you only get to see Tommy Lee Jones a bit less.
    • Lilo & Stitch: Sucks! Stupid characters and impossible to believe story.
    • Bad Company: Nice movie. For once Chris Rock mad me laugh. A good comedy-action movie.
    • The Bourne Identity: Not bad. Not bad at all. Seems like Hollywood was on a CIA's agents movie spree. Good acting and a bit of suspense.
  • Talking about music, the latest Bodyjar album rocks. Gemini Projekt is still fun.

That's all. I'm still wondering what is the purpose of such a thing. Journal... Must be an egotistic way of wasting time.

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