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Comment Re:This is disingenuous Media spin (Score 1) 1095

Here's the root of the problem: "paid enough to make the job worth their while".
The right attitude is, any job you get paid to do is by definition worth your while. If it isn't, you can leave, or you can expect to get fired.
Immigrants tend to appreciate their jobs and work hard. It's the same thing I was taught: "whatever you do, do it with all your might."
The idea that you should allow yourself to slack because you don't like what you're being paid is just stupid. How do you expect to get paid any more if you aren't doing first-rate work?
It reminds me of a friend who worked at Starbucks for minimum wage 10 years ago. He liked the job environment, but he said (I quote) "for minimum wage, they aren't paying me enough to think" and thereby revealed his true calibre. I'd never hire him in a million years, and if I heard an employee say such a thing, I'd fire him.

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