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+ - Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Code Preview For Linux, OS X & 64-Bit Windo

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Microsoft is still extending its efforts into cross platform development with the release of a preview edition of Visual Studio Code, "a lightweight cross-platform code editor for writing modern web and cloud applications that will run on OS X, Linux and Windows." . Derived from its Monaco editor for Visual Studio Online, the initial release includes rich code assistance and naavigation for JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, ASP.NET 5, C# and many others.

Comment: How Soon We Forget.... (Score 1) 172

by ClockEndGooner (#48185927) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own
From the post: " with Apple releasing its AppleWatch in early 2015, things are going to change.". Hmm, how soon we forget the development partnership between Microsoft and Timex for the Timex Datalink series of watches. At best, I think there's a needless rush to this platform where the technology to make smart watches a partial, let alone replacement for a smart phone compared to an overpriced, under developed and thought out proprietary dongle to a smart phone.

+ - How To Build A Newtonian Reflector Telescope Using A 3D Printer

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Researchers at the University of Sheffield have created a new Newtonian Reflective telescope using a 3D printer. The telescope, dubbed the Pikon, has 160x maginification, and a Raspery Pi based camera that already captured a number of impressive pictures of the Moon on its first try. The cost for the parts and the Raspberry Pi came in at £100, roughly $163 (3D printer not included in the price). From the article, "Physicist Mark Wrigley, one of the creators of the Pikon, says he hopes this new telescope will be a game changer, affording young scientists accessibility to the stars for a very low price, while encouraging interest in the new technology of 3D printing." Plans on how to build the telescope will be posted soon on Thingiverse.

+ - Soccer Talent Scouting Application Teams Up With A Video Game Publisher

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Professional club football in Europe, or soccer, as it's known here in the States, is perhaps the most expensive and costly professional team sport in the world. Yesterday, Spain's traditional powerhouse, Real Madrid, fielded a starting eleven roster that cost the club over $637 Million (£382 Million Pounds Sterling) to acquire and assemble over the past six seasons against rival club Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup match played in Cardiff, Wales. With billions of dollars spent by the top teams in the world's most competitive leagues in Europe, and billions more at stake from TV royalties and commercial licensing rights, its crucial talent scouts, general managers or "gaffers", sporting directors and club owners and the rest of their back office staff do their homework before recruiting and signing new players. Prozone Sports Ltd. has turned to game publisher Sports Interative's popular Football Manager video game to include more player data and archived video footage of tens of thousands of players from across the world in its Prozone Recruiter application to help clubs make better and more informed decisions on player performances and strengths. Though not officially published, it is known that many of the top clubs in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Russia rely on Prozone Recruiter.

+ - New Findings On Graphene As A Conductor With IC Components

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Philadelphia's NPR affiliate, WHYY FM, reported today on their Newsworks program that a research team at the University of Pennsylvania have released their preliminary findings on the use of graphene as a conductor in the next generation of computer chips. "It's very, very strong mechanically, and it is an excellent electronic material that might be used in future computer chips," said Charlie Johnson, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. From the article: Future graphene transistors, Johnson said, are likely to be only tens of atoms across.

Comment: "The Mystery Men" & "Independence Day" Go Phra (Score 1) 701

by ClockEndGooner (#47502519) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?
"We’ve got a blind date with destiny and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.”
William H. Macy in
Kinka Usher's 1999 film, The Mystery Men as
The Shoveler (a.k.a., Eddy)

"Let's kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!"
Harry Connick, Jr. in
Roland Emmerich's 1996 film, Independence Day as
Captain Jimmy Wilder

+ - SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasts off from Florida

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: After two months of delays, SpaceX was successful today with its launch of six Orbcomm telecommunications satellites. All six satellites have been successfully deployed in orbit. The 375-pound satellites will offer two-way data links to help customers track, monitor and control transportation and logistics assets, heavy equipment, oil and gas infrastructure, ships and buoys, and government-owned equipment. From the article: "SpaceX plans to use Monday’s launch to test a landing system it is developing to fly its rockets back to the launch site for refurbishment and reuse. During Falcon 9’s last flight in April, the first stage successfully restarted some of its engines as it careened toward the ocean, slowing its descent. The rocket also was able to deploy stabilizing landing legs before toppling over in the water. The booster, however, was destroyed by rough seas before it could be retrieved by recovery ships. Monday’s launch was the 10th flight of Falcon 9 rocket, all of which have been successful."

+ - Home Depot Begins Retail Store Pilot Program To Sell MakerBot 3-D Printers

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Looking for a 3-D printer to help you out with a home project or two? If you're in one of the 12 pilot program areas here in the U.S., stop into Home Depot to take a look at and purchase a MakerBot 3-D Replicator printer. "MakerBot printers have been available on Home Depot's website for about a month, and sales have exceeded expectations, said Mr. Pettis. The stores will put up specially-designed kiosks where shoppers can see the machines in 3-D action. Trained MakerBot retail staff will also be on-site for the indefinite future in order to put the machines through their paces."

Comment: I Wasn't Entitle-d (Score 1) 164

by ClockEndGooner (#47019507) Attached to: Adobe Creative Cloud Services Offline (Again?)
For a company of Adobe's size, technical resources and experience, and for their tremendous investment in the cloud, I was quite surprised that they didn't have any failover capability with their Web services, and that it took as long as it did to analyze and correct the problem, er, "maintenance issue". During this time, I wasn't able to download my monthly eBooks from Entitle, as their catalog of titles are all protected with Adobe's DRM and their eBook Reader applications connect directly to Adobe for authentication.

Granted, not being able to access some recreational reading material was no great loss or inconvenience, but for those whose independent businesses and livelihoods depend on a robust, well maintained and well managed and set of high availability of Web services, it must have been excruciating. But this also makes me wonder that for other online vendors that are so dependent on Web Services, how well are contracted service levels and availabilities thought out by both businesses, how would Adobe price out these services, and do they have any type of services protection or insurance for loss of business and to reimburse other vendors?

+ - Cygnus ISS Launch Delayed Due To Sun's Coronal Mass Ejection

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: A giant coronal mass ejection from the Sun yesterday has resulted in a higher than normal level of radioactivity, and in turn, forced Orbital Sciences to postpone their first mission launch of the Cygnus space truck to the International Space Station. Citing concerns of the increased level of space radiation may have on the Antares launcher and Cygnus avionics, the NASA and Orbital launch team is now evaluating if conditions will improve for a launch on Thursday with Cygnus arriving at the ISS on Sunday morning.

+ - A Bit of Cream & Zeppelin May Increase Efficiency of Solar Panels->

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Local solar panel farms in your area might be able to take music requests in the near future, as researchers at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London found that playing loud pop and rock music improves the performance of solar cells. According to the researchers, "The high frequencies and pitch found in pop and rock music cause vibrations that enhanced energy generation in solar cells containing a cluster of 'nanorods', leading to a 40 per cent increase in efficiency of the solar cells."
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+ - SpaceX's Dragon Experiences Thruster Problem-> 1

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: The launch of the latest Dragon supply capsule to the ISS took place earlier today, and this time there were no issues with the Falcon 9 boosters. However, there’s a thruster problem with the Dragon itself that is keeping the craft from deploying its solar panels. Let’s hope the SpaceX team can correct this soon and still dock with the ISS.
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Comment: What Apps Does Your Sister Want To Run? (Score 2) 732

by ClockEndGooner (#40125901) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Shop For a Laptop?
There are some interesting ideas and recommendations on hardware, but what surprises me is that there is no mention whatsoever on what your sister wants or needs to run in terms of applications. Personally, I would make sure I understood what she wanted to run in terms of applications, and coupled with her own preferences and experiences with other hardware, then make a recommendation on which type of notebook to buy. It could very well be the case that the type of applications she needs to run are only available on one platform. Typical users spend time running applications, and in the end, pay little attention to the subtle variations in CPU speeds. In terms of the hardware itself, make sure that the display is suitable to her needs and expectations, and that she is comfortable in the feedback of the keyboard when running the applications she'll be spending most of her time using, and then that, along with budget, will help narrow down the choice in hardware.

+ - Falcon 9 Launch Aborted At Last Minute->

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: Sadly, SpaceX had to abort its launch of the Falcon 9 to the International Space Station this morning due to higher than expected pressure levels in one of its engine chambers. NASA and SpaceX have another launch window scheduled for early next week. "Billionaire rocket designer Elon Musk “Will adjust limits for countdown in a few days,” he tweeted".
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+ - Can Toads Help In Predicting Earthquakes?->

Submitted by ClockEndGooner
ClockEndGooner writes: The BBC is reporting that a team led by Dr. Friedemann Freund from NASA and Dr. Rachel Grant from the UK's Open University have found that “animals may sense chemical changes in groundwater that occur when an earthquake is about to strike.” Just prior to the quake that struck L'Aquila, Italy in 2009, Grant observed a mass toad exodus from a colony she was monitoring as part of her PhD project, and her published results prompted NASA to contact her as they found that highly stressed tectonic plates released a greater amount of positively charged ions that affected the water quality, which was sensed by the toads. According to NASA’s Freund, "Once we understand how all of these signals are connected, if we see four of five signals all pointing in [the same] direction, we can say, 'ok, something is about to happen'."
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